Why Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans' Love Story Is a Thing to Say Cheers To

Country music stars prepare to celebrate their one-year anniversary later this year

By Mike Vulpo Oct 12, 2018 10:00 AMTags
Watch: Morgan Evans Spills Details on Relationship With Kelsea Ballerini

Let's raise a glass to country music, romance and one very special couple.

For Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans, saying "I Do" in an intimate seaside ceremony in Cabo San Lucas this past December was a day they'll never forget.

But as the honeymoon phase of their relationship continues, both singers continue to soar in the music industry.

In addition to touring with Keith Urban, Kelsea recently announced that she will be traveling with Kelly Clarkson on the Meaning of Life tour in 2019.

As for Morgan, he's headed out with Old Dominion on the Make It Sweet tour launching in January. And yes, his debut album titled Things That We Drink To is officially out today.

So how do these two make it work? For starters, a little adventure never hurt anyone.

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"It's crazy! Me and Morgan are both going a million miles a minute now. But it's cool because we'll meet up on the road in different places," Kelsea previously shared with ABC News Radio. "Like he surprised me in Lake Tahoe and we went for a little hike around Like Tahoe. It was gorgeous. We're in a very 'adventure' kind of phase of our relationship right now. It's very fun."

That fun includes surprising each other on stage at concerts across the country and even collaborating on a new track.

On Things That We Drink To, Morgan and Kelsea came together for the song "Dance With Me." And while the album as a whole isn't all about love and relationships, it's hard to ignore the influence that married life had on this country star from Australia.

"My album is a collection of songs that I wrote over the last two years. It's my story. It's leaving behind everything and everyone you know to chase down a country music dream on the other side of the world. It's the excitement of the unknown, it's the fun, it's the loneliness and it's the struggle," Morgan shared on Instagram. "It's losing someone and finding the strength to keep your head up and make them proud. It's meeting a girl, falling hopelessly and marrying the love of your life. It's the ‘Things That We Drink To.'"

Musicians Performing Live on Stage

In recent months, a few lucky crowds have witnessed the couple's love for one another in person when they surprised fans by performing together. While the moments only last for about three minutes, they are just as special for concertgoers as they are for Morgan and Kelsea.

"It's a cool thing to be able to do with your wife. We've only done it a couple of times. We're sort of protective over that being an important thing for us. We did it for the first time at her show at the Ryman Auditorium for Valentine's Day and then we did it one time in Columbus when I was on the road with Chris Young this year and then we just did it at Bridgestone Arena the other night, which is like the Staples Center of Nashville," he shared with E! News' Carissa Culiner at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville inside Universal CityWalk. "Big deal moments and it's cool when she comes out."

There's also the heartfelt Instagram posts and red carpet appearances that are more than worthy of a "like" on social media. Whether enjoying Aladdin the Musical together, crashing photo booths or celebrating each other's successes, there's lots of love to go around.

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"Today, my guy's song is the number one song in country music," Kelsea shared on Instagram when Morgan's "Kiss Somebody" reached a major milestone. "I'll spare you the sap, but to watch his journey with this song the last few years has made my heart explode from happiness. You did it, babe. #KissSomebody #Actuallyjustkissme #NUMBERONE."

While the pair is keeping their one-year anniversary plans on the down-low for now, both artists are looking forward to some time together away from any concert stage.

In the meantime, the pair talks on the phone, texts and FaceTimes every day when they are in different cities. They also see each other at least once a week at worst.

Furthermore, this duo has a few other famous country music couples to look up to who continue to prove you can have a successful career and relationship.

"Country music is great in that way in that it encourages family, it encourages marriage and all that stuff," Morgan explained to us. "We're good friends with Thomas Rhett and Lauren. Obviously we look up to people like Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. There's so many great family stories in country music."