Ellen DeGeneres Scares Because She Cares: See Her Funniest Scares & Spooks Over the Years Now

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Scaring is caring...at least when it comes to Ellen DeGeneres!

The Ellen DeGeneres Show host is all about having fun on her talk show, which means scaring her guests on a regular basis. Fans tune in to see what will happen when a celebrity gets scared and doesn't see it coming—and to see what gifts come during the 12 Days of Giveaways, duh—and we totally get it.

There is something about watching other people get freaked out when you know it's coming that is hilarious and calming. There are so many reasons why the Los Angeles based series is a finalist for the 2018 E! People's Choice Awards Daytime Talk Show of 2018 category and the screams from celebs are at the top of the list.

While you are deciding on which talk show will get your PCAs vote, take a look back at some of the greatest scare pranks that DeGeneres has pulled off over the past 15 seasons.

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With season 16 in full swing it's only a matter of time before another celebrity falls victim to the Finding Dory star's prankster ways.

Until another star screams at the top of their lungs courtesy of DeGeneres and her team of scare people, you can relive the best of the best scares below.

Trust us, these are hilarious and definitely worthy of earning The Ellen DeGeneres Show a vote for Daytime Talk Show of 2018!

Kristen Wiig

While promoting Ghostbusters: Answer the Call in 2016, Kristen Wiig had an interesting chat about ghosts with DeGeneres. After saying she sort of believed in ghosts, a ghost jumped out of the table in between the two stars. She screamed and then crawled on the floor to avoid the whole situation. It looks like ghosts do exits!

Jack-in-the-Box Scares

When it comes to scares at The Ellen DeGeneres Show no one is safe, not even the show's staff. So, when the talk show host put a creepy clown in a Jack-in-the-Box backstage it was clear screams were going to be in large supply. Celebrities like Kelly Clarkson and Mila Kunis did not disappoint with their terrified screams as they were caught off guard by the clown. Some of the show staff however had the best reactions, dropping to the floor and running away after being frightened.

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Sarah Paulson

One of the best scares of all time was Sarah Paulson in 2017. The American Horror Story actress is used to being on scary shows, but she has been very vocal that she does not like to be scared. Unfortunately for her that made her the best target. In fact, when she was on the show she wasn't frightened once, or twice, instead she was scared three times. At first DeGeneres popped out of the closet in her dressing room where she started to cry. Then, on stage, the actress was put on edge twice after being scared by two characters, which led to her then crawling under the table in hopes it would all be over soon.

Jack Black

Jack Black might not seem like a guy who scares easily, but when it comes to creatures he doesn't exactly stay calm. In the middle of telling the talk show host about his raccoon run-in in his kitchen a man dressed as a raccoon came up behind him and scared him hard. "Can we cut to commercial or something, I can't go on?" Black said after he calmed down. "I haven't been so scared in quite some time."

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Selena Gomez

Poor Selena Gomez, she is a frequent target of DeGeneres' pranks and she's never prepared. In the middle of an interview about her friend Taylor Swift, the "Same Old Love" singer was scared by a man dressed as Swift, who came out of the table on her left. She then said she wanted to be really scared one day, and DeGeneres gave her what she wanted...about five minutes later. Her second scare came at the hands of a man dressed as Elsa from Frozen and it was too good.

Sam Smith

English singer Sam Smith likes ghosts and thinks his house is haunted, but when DeGeneres pranked him he was not pleased. At first he was frightened by a ghost that popped up behind him and before he could recover a scary grandma popped up from the table next to him and it was too funny. "F**k. Oh my god. Oh my god. My heart," Smith said after catching his breath and we feel you Sam!

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Debra Messing

In 2018, Debra Messing joined DeGeneres on stage to play a round of her hilarious game "Speak Out," which is a game where you try to read a sentence with a dentist-like mouthpiece in your mouth as your partner guesses what you're saying. While the Will & Grace actress was acting out her clues to the host, she was interrupted by a nun hidden beside her. In response, she jumped up and then dropped to the floor where she stayed, speechless.

Eric Stonestreet

The Modern Family star is a favorite of DeGeneres, especially when it comes to her scare prank. The first time Eric Stonestreet was scared it was by a clown, which is just plain creepy. He was then scared while visiting a Haunted House put on by the show's host. His third scare was by a giant dog and he was not happy about it. That led to the actor bringing his own body guards to the show, but they failed because a clown popped up out of the table. Oh, and he was once scared in his dressing room!

The good news is that Stonestreet did scare his on-screen husband, Jesse Tyler Ferguson on one of DeGeneres' shows. Plus, he finally got the staff member who always scares him by jumping him and rolling around until he begged him to stop. It was hilarious. Clearly, Stonestreet is the scare king, which isn't exactly a good thing.

Now that you're scared that someone might pop up behind you, it's time to vote for The Ellen DeGeneres Show to take home the trophy for Daytime Talk Show of 2018. The last day to vote is Friday, Oct. 19, so don't forget to make your voice heard now.