Nicole Byer, Wanda Sykes and Two Oscar Winners Audition for Batgirl

Jodie Foster, Nick Offerman and Hilary Swank read for a role in the DC Entertainment movie

By Zach Johnson Jul 20, 2018 1:20 PMTags

Name a better place to cast the lead in Batgirl than at 2018 Comic-Con.

Conan O'Brien opened his eponymous late-night show Thursday with a sketch featuring nine celebrities auditioning for the upcoming DC Entertainment movie. Maria Bamford, Nicole Byer, Jodie Foster, Thomas Middleditch, Tig Notaro, Nick Offerman, Kristen Schaal, Hilary Swank and Wanda Sykes all read for a role in the movie—with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

To get an edge on the competition, many of the actors and comedians used props—like Schaal, who upped the cute factor. "I couldn't get a sitter so I had to bring my baby," she said. "I hope that doesn't mess with your emotions at all or make you feel like you have to hire me—but I need this job." Swank, meanwhile, held up her Oscar and said, "This is my audition right here."

"Did Hilary Swank read for this?" Foster asked.

"Yeah, she did," the casting director replied.

"Did she bring an Oscar in with her?" asked Foster, who just so happens to be a two-time Academy Award winner. Unveiling her prop, she asked, "OK, did she bring a knight in with her?"

"No," the casting director said.

"Mmm," Foster said. "That's what I thought."

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Offerman was upset to learn they're "only looking at women for this role," considering he had a similar experience when he went in to read for Ocean's 8. Sykes was the last to audition. "Did Jodie Foster read for this? Did she bring out that little knight statue?" she asked. "Weird, right?"

Before continuing, Wykes went on a tangent. "How are you still making superhero movies? I mean, the world is on fire. The polar icecaps are the size of basketballs. [President Donald Trump] is trying to put babies in cages and you're making Batgirl?" she asked. "Really? Batgirl?"

Midway through her audition, Sykes stopped and said, "I'm not getting this, am I?"

Watch the rest of the auditions in the video above.