Very Cavallari: Shannon and Brittainy Offer Taylor a Job at Uncommon James and Kristin Cavallari Is Not Here for It

By Mona Khalifeh Jul 23, 2018 3:00 AMTags
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You get a job and you get a job and you get a job! Well, not exactly.

On this week's all-new Very Cavallari, Kristin Cavallari left Brittainy Taylor and Reagan Agee in charge of hiring some girls for the Uncommon James store, but in the end, the job went to someone who didn't interview at all.  

"What if Taylor just worked for us?" Shannon Ford asked Brittainy.

"I think Taylor would be a great addition. I mean she's already a part of Uncommon James anyway," Brittainy admitted. "Taylor fits it. Taylor is smart and she knows retail and she's just, I mean, no-brainer."

But the news of Taylor Monaco joining the store's retail squad didn't sit well with Kristin.

"It shocks me that Brittainy thought she could hire Taylor without talking to me. Nobody has the authority to hire anybody but me. It's completely unprofessional and I'm really mad about it," Kristin confessed to the camera.

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Shannon and Brittainy tried to make a case for Taylor, even arguing that it would be awkward to backtrack after they already told her the job was hers, but Kristin wasn't here for it.

"I'm running a business. I'm not gonna hire your friend just because you guys told her she could have a job," Kristin insisted.

That wasn't the end of the office drama though. A power struggle ensued when Shannon started bossing Reagan around the office.

"Can you upload all these email addresses into the website?" Shannon asked. "No," Reagan responded. "You are not my boss, I have two."

"I believe you were in there when Kristin said if we need you to do anything, just ask," Shannon reminded Reagan.

But Reagan didn't remember it going down like that.

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"The way that Shannon is talking to me right now is really getting on my nerves. She's just treating me like I'm the help and I'm like, 'Bitch, get in your own lane,'" Reagan confessed to the camera.

The tiff didn't end there. In fact, it erupted at Wirth Campbell's housewarming party.

"I just want you to know that like, Brittainy and Kristin have told me personally and in front of you, that anything that I need, that that's what you're being paid to do," Shannon insisted.

"I'm not getting paid to be your bitch," Reagan fired back, leaving Shannon to storm off in tears.

Own up, say you're sorry," Taylor urged her distraught BFF.

"Once again I have to f--king say sorry," an emotional Shannon said. "It's so annoying. I'm always the f--king mean girl that always has to apologize."

Shannon worried that despite her good intentions, Kristin would take Reagan's side over hers.

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"Kristin's going to believe Reagan because in the past, I was actually mean to Brittainy. I wasn't actually mean to Reagan this time," Shannon maintained. "I do care about this job and I care about losing this job."

Confident in her side of the story, Reagan decided to share it with the boss lady herself.

"Before you got at work today, she was telling me everything to do like my boss, when she's not," Reagan explained to Kristin. "If Kristin tells me to do something, I'll do it. If Brittainy tells me something, I'm more than willing to do it, but when you tell me something, no."

While the girls sorted out their workplace drama, Kristin struggled with idea of moving—again. And while the possibility of a gaggle of goats in her backyard was tempting, it wasn't enough to sway the entrepreneur.

"Honestly, I'm not moving," Kristin maintained to husband Jay Cutler. "Let's just keep an open mind. Maybe you'll walk into there be like, 'You know, this, this feels right," Jay suggested.

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Following a long trek to their potential new digs, the couple walked into the contemporary farmhouse.

"Come on in to your new house," Jay chimed. "It's not my new house," Kristin said with a laugh.

After taking a spin around the property, Kristin reluctantly admitted that her husband was right.

"I really want no part of moving, but I see this house and it really is beautiful," Kristin admitted to the camera.

After a little deliberation, Kristin gave in and decided to sign on the dotted line! Looks like they're moving after all.

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