The Botched Doctors Meet With Three Memorable Patients...But Can They Help Them All?

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Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif have changed two new patients' lives for the better.

While the docs aren't always able to help those who seek them out, they were able to do some incredible work in the Botched season finale. First up, transgender patient Luke turned to the doctors for help regarding the disastrous work done to his chest.

After several failed top surgeries, Luke was left with a sunken left side and an over inflated right side. "The surgeons originally said, 'It's probably gonna be two surgeries, but it's gonna look normal,'" Luke shared with the Botched cameras.

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"As I was healing from the second surgery, in my opinion, it looked worse than when I started," he continued. "The indentation was just extremely noticeable and the swelling on the other side was like I had a man-boob still."

Luke went on to have a third and a fourth surgery, both with complications that only worsened the situation. In fact, Luke's own mother told him that his "chest looks awful."

While Dr. Dubrow had a game plan for Luke's "man boob," he wasn't entirely sure how he'd tackle the indentation. "That is one of the hardest things to fix," Dr. Dubrow admitted. "Many plastic surgeons consider it actually unfixable."

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Nonetheless, Dr. Dubrow assured Luke that he'd "come up with a solution." And the plastic surgeon followed through with his promise as he performed an areola reduction, removed excess skin, sewed fatty breast tissue under the indented nipple and performed liposuction on both sides. Thankfully, these complicated steps resulted in Luke walking away with the chest he's always wanted.

"I feel a sense of completion with my chest that has never been there before," Luke stated weeks after his surgery. "I can't wait to really start going forward in my life, being happy, doing the things that I never felt comfortable doing before because of my chest."

Luke wasn't the only happy patient, as Nesreen also walked away with a successful surgery.

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Following a brutal childhood accident, Nesreen was left with a significantly impacted septum which caused massive panic attacks. After meeting with her personal physician, Nesreen was referred to an ENT who promised to get her "all fixed up."

Sadly, Nesreen never got the "really cute, perfect, straight nose" that she was promised. Instead, the makeup artist woke up to a nose shaped like California. As her deformity has affected her business, she was more than ready for Dr. Nassif to work his magic.

Upon examining Nesreen's nose, Dr. Nassif saw that the new patient would need a "major reconstruction." Despite having a game plan for the surgery, Dr. Nassif warned Nesreen that her nose may only be able to get "eighty percent straighter." Nesreen decided to go ahead with the surgery as she respected Dr. Nassif's honesty.

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Although there were many "speed bumps" during Nesreen's surgery, Dr. Nassif was able to open up her airway and get her nose ninety-seven percent straighter. Nesreen's friends were definitely shocked by Dr. Nassif's "beautiful" work as they flooded her with compliments during a big reveal.

"Can't complain about my nose anymore," Nesreen gushed to her friends. "So I just need to move on now, get over myself and hopefully start a new chapter in my life and the sky's the limit from here."

Unfortunately, the doctors weren't able to give happy news to everyone they met with. Case in point: controversial patient Martina Big booked a second consultation with the doctors, but she didn't get the answer she was hoping for.

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In case you forgot, the German resident previously met with the doctors to see if they'd increase her butt size to match her record-breaking chest. Shockingly, this latest consultation had nothing to do with her massive breast implants.

Per Martina, after undergoing an experimental procedure to darken her skin tone, she felt she now needed a different nose. Although Dr. Nassif noticed that Martina had a deviated septum and an over-rotated nose, which qualified her for a revision rhinoplasty, he suggested she hold off on making any additional changes to her body for a few years.

"I like the doctors' advice," Martina concluded. "I will take my time to learn more about my new self."

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