Can the Botched Doctors Give RuPaul's Drag Race's Detox the Abs of His Dreams?

By Mona Khalifeh Jun 21, 2018 2:00 AMTags
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RuPaul's Drag Race star Matthew Sanderson, better known as Detox, has given himself the perfect body, but some botched silicone injections left him with misshapen abs that the drag star just couldn't shake.

"The one thing that I regret the most doing is my six pack," Detox explained. "They're not perfectly parallel, they look very uneven."

As a public figure, Detox was worried about how his lopsided look would impact his on-stage career.

"I always have to have a corset or a girdle to kind of smooth everything out, because I don't want people to see those weird lumps," the drag queen added.

The only way to find out if there was an answer to Detox's prayers, was a trip to the exam room where the reality star got some bittersweet news.

"I would basically do what's called a skin-only tummy tuck on you, which is to remove the skin from the belly button down and it's a big scar with a very significant recovery," Dr. Terry Dubrow explained. "I think this is relatively actually quite low risk."

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With a booked schedule, Detox put the procedure on hold and walked away with the same body and a clean bill of health.

"I thought it was gonna be something much worse," he said with tears in his eyes. "I've been very worried about the silicone just because there is so much bad news out there. And to hear I'm that lucky and as lucky as I thought I have been for years, is really good news."

As a reward for losing some major weight, Jessica decided to treat herself to a breast augmentation, but what started out as a simple boob job turned into an infection that almost took her life.

"The nipple was black at this point and crusting over. And the incisions themselves are bursting open at this point and oozing and bleeding. And she looked and she said, 'That's gonna absorb itself. You're gonna be fine,'" Jessica told the doctors.

It wasn't until Jessica visited her family doctor that she found out just how deadly her infection was. "The second I took my shirt off she freaked out. 'You have MRSA,'" Jessica said.

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MRSA left Jessica with very little breast tissue to work with, but lucky for this fit mom, Dr. Dubrow had a solution.

"What we have to do, is find a way to get you a breast mound that won't get infected, won't kill the overlying tissue the way it happened before—not easy," Dr. Dubrow explained. "I think we can actually give you a good-looking left breast and then we will make you an areola and a nipple that looks as good as the other side."

But, that didn't mean Jessica was clear of any possible complications.

"I think it was probably about a month after the surgery that I noticed some really weird spots in different parts of my body. So, I ended up in the emergency room where I was told the MRSA was back," Jessica revealed.

Jessica was headed back to the operating table and this time, the repair held up!

"Now, thanks to Dr. Dubrow I can finally say that I'm MRSA free. I have symmetric breasts with matching areolas," an excited Jessica said. 


Shannon wanted to fix her family nose, but what she ended up with was more beak-like than button cute.

"I do feel that when people are talking to me they are looking at my nose," Shannon said. "It's just an ugly nose." 

And it's a nose that has whittled down Shannon's confidence. 

"As much as my friends and family try to assure me that I'm still beautiful, I know what I see," a teary-eyed Shannon insisted.

After taking a look at Shannon's nose, Dr. Paul Nassif determined that Shannon needed a revision rhinoplasty.

"There's a dissociation between the bones and the lower half of your nose. So the lower half of your nose is made out of cartilage, so we're gonna work on getting it straight," Dr. Nassif explained. "Your tip is a little bit narrow here. I wanna make it a little bit wider, less beaky, less witchy as you were calling it."

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The surgery was slated to be a risky one, but it was a risk Shannon was willing to take.

After some minor complications and some leech therapy (yes, you read that right, leech), the reward outweighed the risk!

"Now, my nose fits my face. It's shorter, straight and the tip doesn't droop," an elated Shannon said. "No more wicked witch."

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