Everything We Know About Kevin Hart's Feud With Mike Epps

The comedy stars have a long history of social media beef

By Elyse Dupre Jul 10, 2018 7:32 PMTags
Kevin Hart, Mike EppsGetty Images

Kevin Hart and Mike Epps are back at it.

After years of social media warfare, the two comedians revisited their longtime feud via Instagram this week.

On June 29, Epps shared a photo of him posing alongside Eddie Murphy on Instagram. A social media user commented on the photo, writing "Eddie Murphy [is] funnier than Kevin Hart still." Taking a jab at Hart, Epps replied, "sh-t everybody is." That's when Hart clapped back. 

"@Eppsie It's a shame that everybody isn't selling tickets like me tho….," the Ride Along star replied.

Of course, the beef didn't end there. Yesterday, the social comedy network Comedy Hype posted a picture of an article written about the comedians' exchange on Instagram. Epps replied to the post by writing the feud was "not press worthy." However, Hart had a few more things to say.

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"@Eppsie All I can say is that [you're] a sad individual," he wrote in the comments section. "I talked to you several times face to face in attempts to put the B.S. behind us. I even reached out to u like a man and tried to get to the bottom of the bitterness. When will you realize that my success has nothing to od with you or your journey[?] Unlike you I want to see you win…I'm actually a fan champ."

Hart then added, "I'm praying for the day that you will realize that so many of us entertainers have a crabs in a barrel mentality. You are the biggest crab I know…I will continue to shine and continue to make history and continue to do comedy at the HIGHEST level. If that makes u sick then so be it…I will hand u a throw up bucket because this next year that I'm about to have will be my best Mr. bitter."

He concluded, "While u worry about this Grown Little man please know and understand that all I am worried about is SUCCESS!!!! #CatchUp." 

Comedy Hype then shared another photo of a new comment allegedly posted by Epps.  

"@kevin4hart you still starving to be a victim?" he wrote, per Comedy Hype. "I said it wasn't ‘press worthy' and here you go as usual trying to show the world how great you are because people pick on you. Gtfoh! You have a long line of sh-t to clean up before you can hand me a MF bucket. I've been doing this sh-t for 25+ yrs Mr. Victim. Don't get too cute lil brother. This sh-t is a lifetime achievement. & stop following my comments around the World Wide Web. How do you find this sh-t? I talk about everybody but you always take it personal. The whole internet talk about you, so don't stop here you got a lot of responding to do."

However, the rest of the post seemed to suggest the exchange wasn't as heated as fans perceived.

"And for everybody reading this me and Kevin been knowing each other too long so this is not a beef. If it was I would have never responded," Epps wrote, per Comedy Hype. "Again, like I told you face to face Congrats on everything man. You seem to be a great person…but I still don't think yo ass funny."

Even their School Dance comrade Nick Cannon weighed in on the exchange, at one point commenting, "Y'all both funnier than me but both of y'all UGLY AS SH-T!!! Yeah I said it!! Now go to sleep on them expensive ass pillows!!!"

Hart and Epps go way back and have starred in a few flims together, including 35 and Ticking, which came out in 2011. That same year they started taking jabs at each other on Twitter.

Over the years, the two continued their feud both on and offline. They even battled it out on an episode of The Real Husbands of Hollywood.

In June 2017, the two seemed to end the feud by posting a joint Instagram video. Epps captioned the video "nothing but love @kevinhart4real" and Hart described the pair as "comedic brothers," adding that their "sh-t is done."

But if their recent exchange is any indication, it looks like the feud is far from over.