Hallmark Channel's Christmas in July Is Back! Which Classic Holiday TV Movie Will You Be Watching?

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DEC. 7, 2021
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Santa is coming to town!

OK, it's not December, so Santa still has a little bit of time to make toys and check the naughty and nice list, but thanks to Hallmark Channel we can celebrate Christmas a little bit early this year.

Over the past few years Hallmark has become the No.1 destination for all of your holiday movie needs and now we're getting Christmas in July from the network and it's so exciting.

Beginning on July 13th (through July 26th) the network will be having its annual Christmas Keepsake Week AKA Christmas in July, which means you can get into the holiday spirit way earlier.

In fact, there are 14 days of movies coming your way and way too many films to count (like more than 20), so get your stockings and Christmas lights out and ready to go.

With so many movies in their lineup for this festive occasion we can't help but start singing Christmas carols at our desks right now. It might be 80 degrees outside but inside it's time for hot cocoa, warm blankets, Hallmark Christmas movies and maybe a leftover candy cane or two.

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Some of the movies you can watch include 2017 new releases, The Sweet Christmas (starring Lacey Chabert), which is about a pastry chef trying to win the American Gingerbread Competition and Chabert's A Royal Christmas.

Another 2017 favorite called Finding Santa (starring Jodie Sweetin), which is about finding a replacement Santa for a Christmas parade, will be on the schedule early in the first week.

Of course you can always tune in for a holiday movie all about cookies, like the 2016 film Christmas Cookies. It's about a Christmas cookie company getting sold, well, potentially sold to a big company and ruining the town's livelihood unless love can intervene and stop it all from happening. 

2016 also gave us The Mistletoe Promise, which is about two strangers who help each other through Christmas (and fall in love) because of their mutual dislike of the holiday and December Bride starring Jessica Lowndes.

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Classic holiday movies from the network including Christmas Under Wraps (starring Candace Cameron Bure) and The Christmas Cottage—which is about a romantic cottage that has a magical legend attached to it—are also coming back because, Hallmark's Christmas Keepsake Week is the gift that keeps on giving.

Plus, Bure's Switched for Christmas in which she played twins who switch lives during the holidays will also be airing, so you can get your Bure fix early this year. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

Since there are 14 days jam-packed with holiday films for you to enjoy we've narrowed it down to our top 14 movies that made the cut this year for you to weigh in on.

Vote for the Christmas movie you can't wait to watch this July and let the Christmas countdown begin!

It's less than six months until Santa actually comes to town, so get ready to spread the cheer from now until December 25th!

PS: For the full schedule of movies (there are a ton each day) from Hallmark Channel, click here.


Hallmark Channel's Christmas in July

Which of Hallmark Channel's Christmas films will you be watching this July?
The Sweetest Christmas
Finding Santa
Christmas Cookies
The Mistletoe Promise
Christmas Under Wraps
A Royal Christmas
Christmas in Evergreen
Switched for Christmas
With Love, Christmas
Christmas at Holly Lodge
A December Bride
The Mistletoe Inn
The Christmas Cottage
A Gift to Remember