Pete Davidson Had Cazzie David Tattoo Covered Up Before Revealing Ariana Grande Relationship

Before the SNL star debuted new ink, including two tattoos dedicated to fiancée Ariana Grande, he had a tattoo of his ex-girlfriend's face covered up

By Corinne Heller Jun 13, 2018 5:01 PMTags

In with the new...

SNL star Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande surprised fans last month when they confirmed they are dating and shocked then even further less than two weeks later, on Monday, when it was revealed they are engaged. Earlier this month, Davidson debuted two tattoos dedicated to Grande, spurring the question of, what will become of his tattoo of ex Cazzie David?

The answer: He had it covered up, obviously.

In a recent Instagram video showing him dancing shirtless, his David tattoo, a caricature of her face on his inner right arm, is covered up with another one, depicting a forest, covering almost his entire forearm. 

Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson: Romance Rewind

Tattoo artist Jon Mesa covered up Davidson's David tattoo back in mid-May, just after the SNL star confirmed their breakup and less than two weeks before he and Grande went public with their relationship. Mesa posted a before and after photo of the SNL star's arm on Instagram.

The new tattoo also covers up the words "X•XI FOREVER" and "I was saying I was crazy before I knew I was."

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Davidson did not erase all traces of his ex from his body, however. He kept a tattoo that reads "WE BABIES," a matching tat that he, David and Miley Cyrus all got together in 2017.

David, daughter of Curb Your Enthusiam's Larry David, and Davidson dated for about two years. Grande had ended her own two-year relationship with Mac Miller not long before she and Davidson went public.

She appeared to comment on his relationship with Grande in an Instagram post earlier this month, writing, "Been in Africa, what'd I miss ??"

On Monday, after news of Davidson and Grande's engagement was made public, David posted a photo of herself holding an enormous glass of wine at a winery in Franschhoek, South Africa.

"Came to wine country a person, leaving a human bottle of wine," she wrote.