Vanderpump Rules' Lala Kent Forgives James Kennedy for "Disgusting" Comments About Randall Emmett

Lala and James finally ended their feud during Vanderpump Rules reunion on Monday, May 21 after his remarks about her boyfriend Randall Emmett caused a rift in their friendship

By Tierney Bricker May 22, 2018 5:04 PMTags

It's about the pasta. 

It's hard to believe that James Kennedy and Lala Kent's big falling out on Vanderpump Rules all started with a bowl of pasta, but for SUR's resident DJ, it really was about his girlfriend's bowl of carbs being eaten by Lala. At least that's what he was claiming during Pump Rules' episode on Monday night.

For Lala, it was more about the hurtful and "disgusting" comments her former best friend made about Randall Emmett, her producer boyfriend she went public with earlier this year, throughout the season. One sample dig? He called Randall a "fat Rolls Royce." 

In the final installment of the Bravo hit's season six reunion, fans finally got to see just how hurt Lala was by the things James said about her, her man and their relationship. In fact, she even walked off for a moment, with Lisa Vanderpump going to console her. 

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"It's because that's my best friend and he did that to me," Lala told her boss of why she was so emotional before heading back to the set to finally confront James. 

"James was my best friend and I would never in my life want to tear him down, want to tear his girl down," she said of his behavior. "I just feel like he really, really came for me." 

When Andy Cohen asked if Randall had watched the episodes with James' remarks about him, an emotional Lala said she was praying to God "that this does not air and I told James, 'If it does air, just so you know, our friendship is going to be different,' and it is. I just don't feel safe around him anymore."

Lala expressed disappointment over James' comments about Randall's appearance, saying she still regrets the comments she made last season about Katie Maloney's body. "We went for people's physical appearances and I am mortified by that. I was hoping you would learn with me and you just didn't."


James acknowledged that he was wrong, saying, "I understand that what I said was really f—ked up," and asking what he could do to earn back her trust. 

After saying it would take time and probably even longer for Randall to move forward, she explained, "When you're talking about somebody that I love and adore and care about, they're not going to shake it off as easily as I shake it off." 

"I get that 100 percent," James said. "I'm sorry." And Lala finally seemed ready to move on with James, telling him, "And I forgive you." 

Andy, Lisa and some of the other Pump Rules stars theorized that James may have acted that way about Lala and Randall's relationship because he has feelings for her. But both James and Lala shot that down.

"I do love Raquel. I don't have feelings for Lala anymore though," James said. "I don't have feelings for her. I have feelings for Raquel and Raquel only."

And even if Lala dumped Randall tomorrow and said she wanted to be with him, James said he would still "be with Raquel."

Vanderpump Rules will return for a seventh season on Bravo later this year. 

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