Eva Mendes Explains Why She Lets Her Kids Wear "Whatever They Want"

Fashion designer also reveals how she picks out her latest looks

By Mike Vulpo Mar 20, 2018 12:00 AMTags
Watch: Does Eva Mendes Let Her Kids Wear Whatever They Want?

When it comes to motherhood, Eva Mendes knows to pick your battles.

With two kids under three in her house, the fashion designer and actress experiences a wide variety of opinions and adventures each and every day.

One thing that she won't be stressing over is what her daughters want to wear day after day.

"Thank God there's no fashion talk. But I let them wear whatever they want," Eva shared with E! News exclusively while celebrating The Eva Mendes Collection for New York & Company. "They have the right…they want to wear jammies all day or if they want to go in a costume to the market , I let them do that stuff."

Eva Mendes' Best Looks
Courtesy of New York & Company

She continued, "I let them win that battle. That's the easy one. I'm trying to get them to eat broccoli. That's the one I want to win. They can wear whatever they want."

Speaking of fashion, Eva is excited to share her newest collection for New York & Company. Described as "everyday chic, easy, versatile, everyday pieces," the line includes everything from graphic tees, dresses, ruffled maxi skirts, blouses and more.

When asked how motherhood has changed her aesthetic as an artist, Eva admitted that she's still learning.

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"I don't know. I guess I'm still in it. I'm still new to the game. I feel like in a way it makes me care less because it prioritizes everything obviously but at the same time it makes me care more," she explained to us. "Even though I have less time to think about what I'm wearing for my day or how to put something together, I think of it more in a sense of even if I'm not with my kids, I'm always representing them. It's always on my mind."

She added, "I'm somebody's mother and I need to act accordingly. There's an intense amount of pressure that I feel but it's good pressure."

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