Halle Berry's Exact Diet and Workout Regimen Revealed

A-list actress reveals how she got in the "best shape" by completely revamping her lifestyle

By McKenna Aiello Mar 02, 2018 11:50 PMTags
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Halle Berry is on a mission to transform her mind, body and soul. 

Over the past two months, the A-list movie star has dedicated one Instagram post a week to sharing her diet and fitness secrets with fans. With the help of personal trainer Peter Lee Thomas, an admittedly great set of genetics and some never-ending will power, Halle says she's gotten in the "best shape of [her] life." 

Halle works out five times a week, alternating between boxing, yoga, cardio and weights. Nutrition plays an important role as well, as the 51-year-old sticks to a Ketogenic diet supplemented by super foods.

Intrigued? Let Halle break it down step-by-step. 

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According to Berry, it all starts with a giant leap of faith toward a healthier you. 

"Trust me," she wrote in one post, "I know it's hard to focus up and dedicate time to working out each day, but with 24 hours in a day you can surely take ONE and dedicate it to YOU!" 

Not having a gym membership isn't an excuse, Halle added, saying that all you need is a "living room, a patio, a kitchen floor, a driveway or a backyard, and a water bottle" to kickstart the journey. Halle's trainer also recommends easing oneself into fitness with daily walks and light cardio. 

When the going gets tough, Halle says just keep going!

As the Oscar winner explained, "Initially when adapting to a fitness lifestyle, fear of discomfort usually sets in. The truth is, when you get fit, exercise is actually something you look forward to. It's a stress reliever (God knows I've needed that over the years), makes you feel relaxed, optimistic and those endorphins are just heavenly! After I workout, I feel like I can conquer the world." 

Much to our disbelief, Halle isn't actually a super human. So when she's feeling particular unmotivated, Berry finds it from within "to push harder and work through it. When I get to the other side, it's always well worth my effort. Why? Because I'm worth it and so are YOU!"

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Let's talk food. Berry joins a large chorus of health experts who believe you really are what you eat! 

As she put it, "Being diabetic most of my life, I have always had to take food very seriously. So for years, I have been following the keto or ketogenic diet. I hate the word 'diet' so while you'll see the word diet, just know I encourage you to think of it as a lifestyle change NOT A DIET!"

The low-carb, high-fat food plan is "largely responsible for slowing down" Berry's "aging process," she says, in addition to weight loss, "appetite control, more energy and better mental performance." 

Halle says she starts her morning with super food supplements consisting of beets, greens and amino acids. In her words, "For me, the key to staying well has been keeping my immune system supported. And by doing so I'm able to maintain my workouts 5 days a week."

Most recently, Berry spotlighted the importance of stretching after a workout. Aside from avoiding injury, the actress benefits from "being still, stretching and breathing."

Until the next "Fitness Friday," we'll be sweating it out in the gym!