Armie Hammer Revives Twitter Feud With Buzzfeed Writer: Maybe Try ''Medicating''

Actor responds to Anne Helen Peterson, who published a critical opinion piece about him in November

By McKenna Aiello Feb 27, 2018 9:03 PMTags

Armie Hammer still harbors negative feelings toward a Buzzfeed writer who published a critical opinion piece about him. 

Last November, senior culture writer Anne Helen Peterson's "Ten Long Years of Trying to Make Armie Hammer Happen," which painted the actor's Hollywood career in a negative light, caused Hammer to quit Twitter. The Call Me By Your Name star said his "life was way better off" without Twitter's "toxic environment," but ultimately reactivated his account in late January. 

Their feud is still apparently very much alive, as Hammer fired back at Peterson on Twitter today in response to her critique of Vanity Fair's recent Jennifer Lawrence profile

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"I have read a lot of painfully banal celebrity profiles but this new VF one on Jennifer Lawrence," Peterson tweeted, "it's like toothache-magnitude-painful levels of banality."

Hammer responded, "Anne, your glass seems chronically half empty... maybe try meditating? Or even medicating? #chillpillneeded"

Peterson also claimed she received threats over Hammer's initial reaction to the article, tweeting, "Harassment of entertainment journalists is very real and generally dismissed. But a threat to come to your house and kill your dog (which happened last time this all happened) is the same no matter what inspired it." 

Hammer is expected to attend Sunday's Oscars ceremony, where Call Me By Your Name is nominated for Best Picture.