The Good Fight is stacked with Broadway veterans, just as its predecessor The Good Wife was, yet viewers were never treated to a musical episode—until now. Sort of.

The Good Fight star Christine Baranski appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and broke out the musical chops viewers have seen on Broadway and in flicks like Bad Moms, Mamma Mia and Into the Woods. When host Stephen Colbert began setting up the bit, Baranski said "Well, The Good Fight, that's so serious." It's important to note The Good Fight also features acclaimed stage talent such as Cush Jumbo, Bernadette Peters, Sarah Steele and now Audra McDonald.

Baranski's Good Fight musical song is nothing short of perfect. Lyrics include, "You need a Diane Lockhart/to fight in your Good Fight," "It isn't The Good Doctor/It isn't The Good Place/It's different than The Good Wife/But it still has my face," and "Because you loved me on that other show/For over seven years/They gave me my own spinoff/Just like Frasier after Cheers."

E! News previously asked Baranski about doing a Good musical before. Back during The Good Wife, Baranski said, "I keep waiting, but it's not in our style. How cool would it be if Alicia just had a dream where there was a nightmare Christmas party where we could make use of all the musical talent?"

"I'm waiting for Diane to have her Sondheim moment," she said with a laugh. "She would sing ‘I'm Still Here'—maybe in season eight."

There's always time to get something into The Good Fight season two, which premieres Sunday, March 4. Baranski told Colbert the show was still filming and is in the middle of an episode about a certain politically charged dossier.

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