You Have to Hear Christine Baranski's Pitch for The Good Wife Musical Episode We All Need

Alicia Florrick may have won the election, but there's still drama ahead

By Chris Harnick Mar 27, 2015 7:22 PMTags
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When Christine Baranski sings you a Stephen Sondheim song on set of The Good Wife nothing else matters. Simple.

Why was Christine Baranski singing Stephen Sondheim on set of The Good Wife? Because she's Christine Baranski.

The Good Wife is home to many, many, many talented actors who are versed in the musical theater arena. Yet we've never had a Good Wife musical episode. Yet. Probably not ever, but we can dream, can't wait? Don't take away our dreams, it's one that Baranski has been having too!

"I keep waiting, but it's not in our style," Baranski told E! News on set of The Good Wife. "How cool would it be if Alicia just had a dream where there was a nightmare Christmas party where we could make use of all the musical talent?"

That talent includes—but is not limited to—Baranski, Alan Cumming, Nathan Lane, Laura Benanti, Kristin Chenoweth and Steven Pasquale.

"I'm waiting for Diane to have her Sondheim moment," she said with a laugh. "She would sing ‘I'm Still Here'—maybe in season eight."

Diane is certainly having a moment, even though it's not a musical one, on The Good Wife. Gary Cole recently returned as her husband, ballistics expert Kurt McVeigh.

The two went hunting together, appeared in court together and were just all around entertaining. But while things may be great for Diane in her personal life, the professional one is getting…tense. Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) has been elected State's Attorney. So what does that mean for Florrick, Agos and Lockhart? These are the questions.

Jeff Neumann/CBS

"I kind of was gobsmacked when I got the script. I was sure she would lose the election because in the way that she won out over Cary in season one, it was like, ‘Well, the leading lady has to stay!' But I was really shocked and I think the public will be shocked when they realize that she actually does win it, but then there is fallout from that," Baranski told us.

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