Jennifer Lopez Admits Alex Rodriguez "Does Pretty Well" When It Comes to His Style  

Jennifer Lopez opens up about being a Guess Girl and what her man does right when it comes to his fashion game

By Vannessa Jackson Feb 02, 2018 1:50 AMTags

No approval needed!

Jennifer Lopez sat down with E! host Will Marfuggi to discuss becoming a Guess Girl and her boyfriend. Considering she's now a spokesmodel for Guess jeans, Will asked her what she thinks of Alex Rodriguez's! "Alex's jeans are always good," J. Lo shared about her man. When asked whether or not she has veto power when it comes to his style, she admits that she uses the power of suggestion.

"I suggest. You know if I see something I think was not the most flattering I let him know, but he does pretty well," the musician shared. You have to be a pretty well-dressed man to catch this ladies attention. When it comes to Jennifer's style, does she shop for her own clothes?

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's Blended Family Photos

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