Jay-Z Says He Fought for Marriage to Beyoncé to ''Break the Cycle''

Hova explains that he and Bey decided to fight so hard to stay with his superstar wife because she's his "soulmate"

By Meg Swertlow Jan 28, 2018 2:06 AMTags

They've had their ups, their downs and their infidelities, but Beyoncé and Jay-Z are still crazy in love, and there's a reason for that—they fought for it...

On tonight's first episode of the Van Jones Show on CNN, Hova stops by for a candid interview with the host and reveals what it was like to go through their marriage troubles, but come out stronger.

On the program, Jones asks the rapper, who confessed to his infidelities in his 2018 Grammy nominated album 4:44, why they decided to stay together, unlike so many other famous couples, who split over similar reasons.

Jones said, "What is about this marriage that's so special that you would fight this hard to save it?"

"That's my soul mate. It's the person I love," said the music man. "If you haven't experienced love or don't understand it or you don't have the tools to move forward then you are going to have complications. Period."

The rapper added that part of the reason that they wanted to stay married as that they wanted to break the cycle of the past.

"You can either address it or you pretend until it blows up at some point," said the hitmaker. "For us, we chose to fight for our love, for our family to give our kids a different outcome—to break that cycle for black men and women."

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When asked about his advice for men who have done what he did, the hip-hop star simply told Jones, whose show airs on Saturdays at 7 p.m. ET on CNN, that it wasn't about words it was about actions.

"The best apology is changed behavior," he simply stated.

"You have to acknowledge the pain and you have to let that person have their say," said the mogul, whose wife detailed her pain in the revolutionary Lemonade album.

"You have to get on the floor, get on the mattress. You have to work through it. really be honest," confessed the father of three. "It takes a while. It's hard. it's difficult to hear, difficult to stay, difficult to listen to that kind of pain—but you have to be strong enough."

And finally, the 48-year-old said, "But on the other side, it's beautiful."



And things certainly are beautiful. Jay and Bey turned up for the Roc Nation Brunch in NYC on Saturday ahead of the tomorrow's Grammys looking all kinds of fierce. The mother of three wore a slinky dress, which she paired with Giuseppe Zanotti heels. Her No. 1 man opted for a three-piece suit and a jaunty hat. Of course, the "Formation" singer made sure to post the enviable looks to Instagram soon after leaving the star-studded bash.

To see if Jay wins takes home the golden gramophone, tune into the 2018 Grammy Awards...