Sterling K. Brown Reveals the Text Oprah Sent Him After His Historic Golden Globes Win

He might just be on a texting basis with the next president

By Vannessa Jackson Jan 13, 2018 1:05 AMTags

A night to remember! 

Awards season is in full swing, and at last night's Critics Choice Awards, the stars were looking their absolute best. Sterling K. Brown who has been cleaning up pretty nicely this year for his role on NBC's This Is Us, revealed what he texted Oprah Winfrey after his historic Golden Globes win

"I can actually read a text from Oprah," Sterling revealed to E! News' Zuri Hall. "I just said, 'My cast thinks you should run for the president you're phenomenal, hashtag consider it.' She says, 'So happy for you, who can even think of 2020!'" It wasn't a no! What other stars had an epic night at the awards show? 

Get all the details in the clip above!