See Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's Cutest Pics of Baby Gunner Stone

Former Hills couple welcomed their son, their first child, three months ago

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Parenthood looks good on Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.

The married former Hills stars welcomed their first child, son Gunner Stone, almost exactly three months ago and the two have never looked happier. Tired, yes, but happy.

Heidi and Spencer have since shared a slew of adorable photos and videos of their baby boy on Instagram and Snapchat. And he is well on his way to becoming a star outside of social media—when he was less than 1 month old, he went on his first audition.

Of course, with parenthood come milestone challenges; At three months old, babies often begin pre-teething and could also be in the midst of a colicky phase, both of which make them awaken more often and make Mom and Dad very, very exhausted.

"He's having a hard time and he's waking up like, every hour," Heidi said on Snapchat on Thursday. "A lot of people have said to me, 'Oh, it gets easier as he gets older.' That's not my experience so far. Actually, I think when he was younger, he would sleep more through the night and I think now, I don't know what's going on. It's intense...I've tried everything. He just doesn't want to sleep."

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Parents will often try anything to get some shut-eye—for everybody involved. So like many of them, Heidi and Spencer had their son nap in a Fisher-Price Cradle 'N Swing that day, and also took the opportunity to try and clip his fingernails while he was asleep—another trick that has worked for many people.

Heidi is also adapting to a new fitness and diet regimen; Working out with at trainer and just being a mom has helped her lose 25 pounds since giving birth.

"I just don't put Gunner down very often, so I'm bouncing on the ball with him sometimes for four hours straight, she told E! News last month. "I am just running around so much that I think [the weight] is shedding so quickly, plus breastfeeding. And running around with my dogs and Gunner, I literally don't stop all day."

"When I was pregnant, I could eat all day. So much of my day was eating and indulging and everything like that, and now as a mom I barely have one minute to eat everything as fast as I can. Now as a mom, I barely have one minute to eat everything as fast as I can," she said. "I feel like Garfield, that cartoon, where he literally just shoves everything down his throat and I really focus on such nutritious things because I only have X amount of time to eat, I don't really have time to add it in later in the day."

The couple's adorable new edition joins their pet dogs and Spencer's numerous hummingbird friends, who he continues to feed regularly.

See cute photos of Heidi and Spencer's baby boy Gunner below:


Spencer appears with his mini-me.

Christmas Gift

"Merry Christmas! This was the most amazing, heart filling, blessed Christmas of my life! Thank you God," Heidi wrote on Instagram. "Last year I dreamed and prayed for this angel! What a dream come true!"

Happy Family

"Happy Holidays!" Heidi wrote on Instagram. "Love all The Pratts!❤️"

Bath Time

"Leveled Up," Spencer wrote on Instagram.


"Best #Christmas ever! I have everything I want for Christmas! #blessed," Heidi wrote on Instagram.

First Christmas Party

"It took a lot to get to this moment! @gunnerpratt first Christmas party!" Heidi wrote on Instagram. "Three hours of bouncing on a ball, an hour in traffic, and pulling over to let out my poor angel. Well worth it! #christmas #babysfirstchristmas."

Christmas Shopping

"You make me feel like Christmas," Heidi wrote on Instagram.

Pumpkin Patch Day

Heidi, Spencer and their baby boy get into the fall spirit.

Mommy and Me

A screenshot from a sweet video Heidi posted on Instagram.

Selfie Time

Heidi shared this selfie on Instagram, writing, "Christmas is my favorite time of year! So blessed to have @gunnerpratt to share all the new traditions and memories! All I want for Christmas is my baby! Gunner looks very amused by his parents selfies."

Hi Santa

Baby Gunner meets Santa for the first time.

Baby Superstar

Gunner attends his first commercial audition.

Happy Thanksgiving

The proud dad cuddles with his son on the holiday.

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