Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag Take Baby Gunner on First Audition—and It Won't Be His Last

They took their son to a callback for a commercial set to air during the Super Bowl

By Corinne Heller, Ashley Lewin Oct 29, 2017 9:17 PMTags

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's baby boy may be destined for stardom.

The Hills stars brought their 1-month-old son Gunner Stone, their first child, to a commercial audition on Saturday. Spencer told E! News was a callback, meaning the child would probably not have to undergo another tryout.

He did not name the product that was being advertised but did say the ad was set to air during the 2018 Super Bowl, which means it is meant to be broadcast on a major network—which could mean big bucks for Gunner, especially if the spot airs many times.

"You excited to upstage [halftime show performer] Justin Timberlake at the Super Bowl?" Spencer joked to his son as they left the audition room, as seen in a video he posted on Snapchat. "Gunner, you nailed that audition."

Based on Snapchat videos posted by his parents, the child appeared to be asleep most of the whole time—par for the course for a newborn. Heidi jokingly referred to herself as a "crazy stage mom."

 "Gunner's first audition was one of the most amazing experiences of my life," Spencer told E! News exclusively. "I was a total dadager. Dadager Pratt Daddy." 

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Snapchat / Spencer Pratt
Heidi Montag / Snapchat
Spencer Pratt / Snapchat

He said his older sister texted me that her friend was looking for a blond-haired newborn, so she submitted Gunner's picture and asked him and Heidi if that was alright.

"We were like, 'Obviously,' and he got a callback," Spencer said.

Spencer posted a video of Heidi timidly telling the casting directors and assistants that their son was a well-behaved baby. She was very protective of the child.

"Heidi was so nervous, I've never seen her so nervous," Spencer said. "She was afraid another actor was going to have to hold her baby for a scene."

"We put Gunner on this little box and he did perfect!" he said. "They zoomed in on his little face and he was amazing and the casting directors loved his name."

Spencer said "Gunner doesn't cry," but if he had to, he could cry on demand.

"That's how talented he is," he said. "It was exciting to really fuel his juices at only 4 weeks old."

Spencer and Heidi expect to find out if Gunner got the part as early as Monday. And regardless of the outcome, this is just the start of the baby's acting career.

"I'm going to hit the town with every audition possible," Spencer said. 

He and Heidi also talked to E! News about how they've been dealing with parenthood.

"I am loving being a mom, more than I could ever imagine, and watching Spencer with the baby is so special," Heidi said. "They already have this unspeakable bond. We are loving being a family."

"Being a dad is the most amazing experience of my life," Spencer said. "Heidi is the most loving and amazing wife and mother. I wake up in the middle of the night and she's just wide awake staring at Gunner. It's all such a blessing. Life couldn't be better."