WAGS' Sasha Gates and Autumn Ajirotutu's Fight Over Friendship Gets Loud: ''How About You Just Shut Up Real Quick and Listen?''

Threats, shouting and name calling. It seems like Sasha and Autumn won't be rekindling their friendship anytime soon.

By Mona Khalifeh Dec 01, 2017 3:00 PMTags
Watch: Sasha Gates & Autumn Ajirotutu Fight About Their Friendship

It looks like Sasha Gates and Autumn Ajirotutu aren't going to be friends any time soon.

In this clip from this Sunday's all-new WAGS L.A., Sasha and Autumn meet up to mend their strained relationship, but it didn't take long for a shouting match to ensue.

"You are cutting me off. How about you just shut up real quick and listen, please?" Autumn shouted.

While Autumn attempted to get her point across, Sasha still questioned Autumn's loyalty.

"I tried to talk to you and you didn't respond to my texts. Your actions have proven to me that you are not a loyal friend," Sasha shot back.


Though the conversation was supposed to be about their friendship, Autumn couldn't help but bring the other girls into the mix.

"Barbie's wedding, that girl does not even care about you. It was a pity invite," Autumn told Sasha.

Sasha didn't see what a wedding invite had to do with their relationship and quickly changed the subject back to loyalty.

"I've always had your f--king back Autumn. When you were wrong, when I didn't agree with you, when people were talking s--t about you, I still gave you the benefit of the doubt," Sasha pleaded.

Autumn insisted that Sasha was the real back stabber, even calling her former friend, "pretentious." Struggling to get a word in, Sasha pulled out the big guns, threatening Autumn by alleging that she had some damaging information about her past.

"You won't let me talk, you know why? Cause you don't want me to say it," Sasha said provocatively.

But Autumn wasn't scared, "Say it!" Autumn snapped.

Catch the crazy fight in the clip above.