Keep your friends close and your frenemies closer! 

The WAGS ladies like to roll tight, but like all relationships, some things fade over time. Sadly, for Autumn Ajirotutu and Sasha Gates, their once strong ride or die relationship has definitely died. 

"Seyi's not playing anymore, which was a family decision," Autumn explains. "[Sasha] didn't even hit me up and ask me, 'How is Seyi doing?'" For Autumn, Sasha was more than just another WAG—she was a sister. 

"Sasha and I met because our husbands play for the chargers," Autumn explained. "We've spent Thanksgivings together, we've spent Christmases together, babies' births, you know, life-altering changes. We were true friends."

Unfortunately, Sasha might not be willing to bridge the gap. "That's family to me because I don't have no family in San Diego," Autumn revealed. "We've done things that I feel like real families do." Will they be able to repair the damage? 

Watch the emotional moment in the clip above! 

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