8 Times Channing Tatum Danced His Way Into Our Hearts in Pink's "Beautiful Trauma" Video

In honor of her new Beautiful Trauma album, the singer released a music video starring the Magic Mike dancer

By Elyse Dupre Nov 21, 2017 5:48 PMTags

Pink just dropped the music video for her single "Beautiful Trauma" and the mini film features a familiar face: Channing Tatum.

In the video, the Grammy-winning singer plays a 1950s housewife and the Magic Mike star plays her husband. At first, the couple seems to live an ordinary life in suburbia. However, the video quickly reveals that this is hardly the case. The video shows them breaking out into fabulous dance routines in their kitchen, drinking one too many cocktails and having a little frisky fun with dancer Nikki Tuazon. Pink also finds Tatum hiding in her closet wearing one of her dresses.

To see our favorite Tatum clips from the couple's fantasy marriage, check out the gallery:


1. When he wore a "Mr." sleep mask.

He sure looked dreamy.


2. When he broke out into this amazing dance routine.

Who wouldn't want to dance with the Step Up star in their kitchen?


3. When Pink helped him put on some lipstick.

The Magic Mike actor always looks good.


4. When he broke out into another dance routine with Pink.

Look at those moves!


5. When he made Pink a cocktail.

We'll cheers to that.


6. When he broke into a third (and slightly tipsy) dance routine with the singer.

Those cocktails certainly didn't impair their dance moves.


7. When he seemed a little too excited to join Pink and Tuazon.

 It looks like the trio had some flirty fun.


8. When he switched sleep masks with Pink.

The video ends with Tatum wearing the "Mrs." sleep mask.

Watch the video to listen to the whole song.

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