These Celebrity Hat Hairstyles Are a Lazy Girl's Dream

These hair and cap combos will make you swoon

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Hats are a fashion lover's best friend.

They hide dirty hair. They can be the star or complementing feature of any outfit. They protect your tresses from the elements. Admit it: This accessory is worthy of an investment.

Just take Shay Mitchell's fall ensemble as an example. The actress wows with her low-cut white top, black jeans, Chanel fanny pack, plaid blazer and circular glasses, but the black baker's boy hat is the hero of the outfit. It transforms her look from chic to It Girl cool and brings attention to her long straight hair.

How to Style Your Hair, Based on Your Outfit

In order to score the winning hat, hair combo like Shay this season, you'll need two things: a hat that will turn heads and a hairstyle that will complement it. Need some inspo? Check out how celebrities are wearing their fall hats below! 


Bella Hadid is fashion goals with a denim dress, Chanel belt and red baker's boy hat. To keep it chic, the model lets a few strands from the front right side hang and gives the hair a curl at the end.

Straight & Long

Shay Mitchell oozes It Girl vibes with her black baker's boy hat, circular glasses and super straight tresses.


Vanessa Hudgens' lob and this black baker's boy hat seamlessly fit together. 

Silky Straight

Jourdan Dunn plays with textures in a black beret, off-shoulder sweater and red patent leather pants. Her silky, shiny brown hair provides the perfect contrast to the wool fabric of the hat. 

Textured Waves

This white baseball cap is the perfect addition to Beyoncé's Stella McCartney T-Shirt dress. With such a casual look, the star's textured ponytail is a clear and easy go-to.

Hat & Low Ponytail

Chrissy Teigen is killing fall fashion with all-brown accessories. While she could've have easily left her hair down, the low ponytail keeps the focus on the brilliance of the hat, bag and boots.

Side Braid

Is The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay getting style inspiration from her Miami-raised fiancé? With this white and black hat, it appears that way. The best part of the style, however, is the wavy side.

Carefree Pony

Kendall Jenner is a both glam and boho with her metallic-accented outfit, topped with a cream wide brimmed hat. Staying true to the effortless look, the star kept her hair simple in a loose bun with strands appearing from all sides.

Wet Hair

Since this hat made its first appearance on the cover of Lady Gaga's album Joanne, it's become iconic. Now, the star pairs the pale pink accessory with unicorn hair for a wet and wild overall look. Who knew pastel hair could look so rock and roll?

Sleek Bun

Rita Ora takes a high fashion approach, pairing her veil-accented hat with straight hair and a modern low bun.

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