Mel B and Stephen Belafonte Settle Domestic Violence Claim Amid Divorce

She had obtained a restraining order against her estranged husband earlier this year, while the two continued a custody battle

By Corinne Heller Nov 10, 2017 1:26 AMTags
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Mel B and estranged husband Stephen Belafonte have reached an agreement regarding their divorce that removes her domestic violence claims against him.

Mel had filed the divorce papers in March after 10 years of marriage. She and Stephen then began a custody battle. Mel is the mother of three daughters, including two minors. Stephen is the biological father of one of them, who is 6, and helped raise all the kids. He was granted temporary visitation rights of their child. Meanwhile, Mel obtained a temporary restraining order against her ex and an extended one against their former nanny, Lorraine Gilles. She accused Stephen of physically assaulting her as well as making verbal threats. She also accused both him and Lorraine of extortion.

At a Los Angeles court hearing on Thursday, it was revealed that Mel and Stephen reached a private agreement and that she has withdrawn her domestic violence restraining order against him, E! News has learned. The move comes days before a trial over the matter was scheduled to begin. Also during the hearing, it was revealed the two had settled a portion of their property division.

Mel B, dressed in a sheer green dress, a long camel coat and nude pumps, did not talk to reporters outside the courthouse.

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Meanwhile, a restraining order that Mel B had obtained against the former nanny will stay in effect pending any other new agreement.

Mel B had obtained a 5-year order against Lorraine in May. She said Stephen demanded she partake in "sexual intercourse with him and random women" and also accused him of threatening to release sex tapes of the sexual activity if she objected. She accused the nanny of renting a storage locker that stored the material.

Stephen's lawyers have called Mel's claims "outrageous and unfounded."

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The nanny fired back with her own lawsuit, saying she had a consensual sexual relationship with Mel for years and that she, Mel and Stephen appear in "sex tapes" that show all of them "having consensual group sex." She accused Mel of defamation and libel.

Mel had also accused Stephen of getting Lorraine pregnant. The former nanny, who got an abortion, said in her filing that he was not the father.

—Reporting by Amanda Williams