Mel B Accuses Stephen Belafonte of Multiple Abuses and Impregnating the Nanny

The actress filed for divorce from her husband of nearly a decade in late March

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Mel B has waged new accusations against her estranged husband in the process of securing a restraining order against him. 

In late March, the America's Got Talent judge filed for divorce from her husband of nearly ten years, Stephen Belafonte, citing irreconcilable differences and requesting joint custody of their 6-year-old daughter, Madison. Now, amid a new restraining order request against Belafonte, the star has accused the 41-year-old producer of a variety of abuse and threats over the course of their marriage, including physical assault and battery, verbal threats and surveilling. 

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In the declaration she gave to the court, the mother of three described several specific instances when Belafonte allegedly physically assaulted her, including the first occasion of physical violence after the Dancing With the Stars finale in 2007 when he allegedly choked her and slammed her down on the wood floor of their home while she was trying to get ready for a television interview. In 2012, when she was taping a "Home Visit" segment with Usher for X Factor, Belafonte allegedly got so jealous, he punched her in the face and split her lip. 

After she performed at the closing ceremonies for the London Olympics with the Spice Girls in 2012, the couple and friends took a trip to Prague, where she claimed in the paperwork that they got into an argument and Belafonte allegedly punched her and pushed her down on the carpet. To explain her visible injuries, she said he forced her to tweet that she had fallen while running in heels. 

As Mel B described in her declaration, "when something good would happen for me, he would beat me down to let me know he was in charge." 

Verbally, she alleged in the declaration he often demeaned her with negative comments about her intelligence or appearance, specifically after giving birth. 

In the documents, Mel B also alleged her husband demanded she partake in "sexual intercourse with him and random women." If she objected, the former Spice Girl claimed he would threaten to release secret tapings of their sexual activity.

Mel B claimed in the declaration that he impregnated their nanny and initially wanted to father the child while the three of them lived together. However, according to the singer's account in the court documents, he later demanded the nanny get an abortion and, according to the singer, paid for the procedure with her money. The star also alleged he often physically compared her to the nanny. 

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Mel B detailed one suicide attempt in 2014 when she took an entire bottle of Aspirin while overcome with "physical and emotional" exhaustion while in the United Kingdom, but regretted her actions and tried to call 999 for help. However, she claimed he threw her in the bedroom, locked the door and told her to "die, bitch." The next day, she said her driver took her to hospital, where she had security guarding her door. 

As she said in the declaration, his jealous behavior allegedly interfered on set, where she claimed he was disruptive and intimidating to the point that her colleagues were concerned for her. When they were not together, Mel B claimed Belafonte texted and called her "incessantly" and monitored her business affairs, including contracts and travel. 

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According to Mel B's declaration, though she tried to leave Belafonte several times starting from their first year of marriage, he "threatened me with violence and threatened to destroy my life in every possible way... destroy my career and take my kids from me." She also noted that he allegedly has a gun in the house, although he is prohibited to own one because of a prior domestic violence conviction. While a police raid did not recover any guns, the star claimed in the papers that she believes he still has the gun and it is well-hidden from authorities. 

"I am in fear of my safety and I am in fear of being irreparably harmed as a result of [his] threats," she concluded in the documents. 

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A Los Angeles superior court judge granted the star a restraining order on Monday, barring Belafonte from coming into physical or verbal contact with her or her three kids and forcing him out of their house. He was also not granted any visitation rights for his daughter Madison until the hearing, which has been scheduled for April 24. Mel B also made a request in her restraining order filing to prevent Belafonte from disseminaing any videos or pictures of her and for all media involving her to be collected from him. 

Meanwhile, Belafonte was captured on camera responding to the allegations about their alleged sexual activity in a video published by The Sun.  

"So I force her to have threesomes? Ok. You know what my comment to this is actually because that is the mother of my children—I really, really, really am really distraught in my brain how this is going to affect our children and the depths that she's gone to," he said in front of the camera, adding that he is "shocked" by the allegations. 

In regard to her claim that he has a gun, "I think someone's trying to set me up to look like a bad guy. You saw my house got raided and no one found anything," he continued. "It's accusation after accusation, but we'll have our day in court."