Taylor Swift Surpasses Rihanna With Number of YouTube Subscribers

Taylor Swift's rapid-fire method of releasing new singles and videos appears to be paying off

By Corinne Heller Nov 03, 2017 8:58 PMTags

Taylor Swift's rapid-fire method of releasing new singles and videos appears to be paying off.

The number of subscriber to the singer's YouTube Vevo channel has surpassed Rihanna's. As of Friday afternoon, Swift has more than 25,892,700, while Rihanna has at least 25,884,300.

Fellow pop star Katy Perry, who has feuded with Swift in recent years, has 25,372,600.

After months of staying out of the spotlight and three years after taking a break from releasing music, Swift made a social media music comeback in August with a new single, lyric video and full music video "Look What You Made Me Do," an electro-pop single about betrayal and power. She also announced a new album, Reputation, due to hit stores on November 10.

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In September, she dropped a second single, "...Ready for It?" and released a music video for it last week.

Also in October, she released a third single and music video, "Gorgeous."

Swift released a fourth new single, "Call It What You Want," and an accompanying lyric video on her YouTube Vevo channel on Thursday at midnight.

Rihanna has not released a solo single in more than a year.