Did Spencer Pratt Just Majorly Diss Lauren Conrad?

Former Hills star throws major shade at LC and her son

By Meg Swertlow Oct 16, 2017 1:06 AMTags

This little lamb had his first trip to the pumpkin patch today ??

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Seriously, what just happened?

Earlier today Lauren Conrad posted an absolutely adorable Instagram photo of her newborn son Liam James Tell, dressed up as a little lamb at the pumpkin patch.

Soon after the post, WhoWhatWear shared a tweet, which linked to a story about LC and her wee one in the Halloween costume, that read, "Could Lauren Conrad have picked a cuter Halloween costume for her baby?"

Of course, the festive pic made many people's hearts smile, but not everyone was feeling the love—namely her former Hills frenemy Spencer Pratt, who responded tersely via Twitter to the publication's rhetorical question with a simple, "Yes."


And just in case you thought that maybe, just maybe, the new father wasn't throwing some major shade at his former co-star and her three-month-old, you'd be wrong.

Spencer, who welcomed his own son Gunner Stone with wife Heidi Montag earlier this month, even clarified his comment—giving little doubt to his true feelings.

When one Twitter follower wrote, "I live for salty Spencer," the not-so-fond-of-lambs reality star responded, "Im jus saying she tech could have picked cuter [sic]."

Maybe Spence would have liked it better if the lil' lamb had been dressed up as a giant crystal?


This isn't the first time that Spencer's taken to social media to rehash some old beef with the designer. After he was not invited to partake in The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now special in 2016, Spencer hopped on Twitter to tear the reunion show apart.

Before the special aired, the lover of crystals expressed his disdain for the idea of the show and wrote all the things he'd rather do than watch. He said he'd "actually rather go buy something from Kohl's than watch #TheHills special." He also said, "No joke I would rather do homework than watch #TheHills special tonight," adding, "I HATE homework."

But it didn't stop there. When he was questioned by fans online about why he didn't join the special, he couldn't help himself from throwing some serious shade at LC.

Spencer responded, "Prob is [sic] everyone involved w/ production is fake as s--t." 

"If you think TSWIFT is fake liar you can't even imagine the level," he said at the time. "If someone wanna pay for my lawyer I got audio and video for days."

But despite all of his commentary, Spencer admitted he didn't want the reunion, but he didn't need to because he knew what was going to happen.

"Didn't need to watch because [crystal ball emoji], already told me," he wrote. "Same fake fake fake liar."

Looks like a year/decade later, the fire in his belly is still lit...

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