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Spencer Pratt may not have been invited to partake in The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now special on MTV Tuesday night, but that didn't stop him from providing his own commentary about it.

The 32-year-old reality star took to Twitter before the special even started, expressing his disdain for the idea of the show and all the things he'd rather do than watch. For example, he said he'd "actually rather go buy something from Kohl's than watch #TheHills special." He also said, "No joke I would rather do homework than watch #TheHills special tonight," adding, "I HATE homework."

But it didn't stop there. As the show continued and people began reaching out to Pratt, questioning why he didn't join the special, he couldn't help himself from throwing some serious shade...especially toward Lauren Conrad.

He started off by criticizing MTV as a whole. When one user asked, "A #Hills reunion without @spencerpratt? If we're being real, that makes absolutely no sense."

Spencer responded, "Prob is [sic] everyone involved w/ production is fake as s--t." 

He reiterated his beef with MTV executives yet again, saying in another tweet, "If @MTV execs had brains the entire #TheHills cast would be sitting on couches w/ moderator."

And then he started taking swings at LC (and Taylor Swift, too)...

"If you think TSWIFT is fake liar you can't even imagine the level," he said, referencing Kim Kardashian's video footage of Kanye West's phone conversation with the singer. "If someone wanna pay for my lawyer I got audio and video for days."

But despite all of his commentary, Spencer never even watched the reunion, noting that his crystal ball—remember he's super into crystals these days—told him Lauren wouldn't be truthful.

"Didn't need to watch because [crystal ball emoji], already told me," he wrote. "Same fake fake fake liar."

The Hills, Lauren Conrad


Meanwhile, one of the big topics of discussion from The Hills special was Lauren's relationship and falling out with former BFF Heidi Montag and Spencer. 

Though LC said Heidi was one of the "friendliest" people she met while attending school at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, a never-before-seen clip shows just how angry she was at Spencer after he spread a rumor about her having a sex tape.

The fashion deisnger admitted she felt "set up" by the show during the big showdown with Heidi and Spencer after the rumor. "MTV should care what Spencer did to me!" Lauren yells in a clip from the infamous confrontation. "It's not okay that they let him up here! It's not f—king funny when you guys do that." 

You can read all the secrets that were revealed during the special here.

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