Luann de Lesseps, Wedding Dress


There's absolutely no problem with a solid dress recycle...except when it's your wedding rehearsal dress, and you just announced your divorce.

Such is the case for Luann de Lesseps.

As we reported last week, the Real Housewives of New York star announced she was divorcing her husband of seven months, Tom D'Agostino. But over a month ago, before all hell broke loose, she filmed the RHONY reunion, wearing her wedding rehearsal dress from her New Year's Eve nuptials

Needless to say, she's probably regretting that decision as we all know Housewives fans will surely jump to the conclusion that it somehow symbolized some sort of cryptic foreshadowing.

Meanwhile, Luann has escaped to Switzerland following the divorce news, getting some relief from the drama that's been brewing in the city.

She's traveling with son Noel and daughter Victoria, and a source told E! News she met up with a few longtime pals who she "trusts" and have "nothing to do with the show."

Our insider explained, "She's still struggling, of course, with sadness and disappointment but she's trying to come to peace with it."

Luann de Lesseps


So, why Switzerland?

We're told "she lived there during her first marriage [to Count Alexandre de Lesseps], and it's where she raised her children," the source explained. "She feels comfortable and safe there. I think it's a reminder of who she was before the show and before Tom." 

In fact, Luann herself remarked on its importance, referring to a hike through the Swiss Alps as "just what the doctor ordered!"

We're told she plans to return Big Apple sometime next week, but by no means used the vacation as an opportunity to postpone dealing with her impending divorce. 

"To be clear, she didn't run away," the insider added. "She's not in hiding. She's taking some much-needed time for herself. Between her children and her friends, she's being well looked-after."

The RHONY reunion will begin next week.

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