Kim Zolciak-Biermann is still coping with the effects of the stroke she suffered in 2015.

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star took to Instagram Sunday to discuss the warning signs of a stroke and open up a bit about some of the things she's still dealing with in her recovery.

She posted some information that her daughter, Brielle Biermann, sent her. Brielle was with Kim when she suffered the stroke and had to inform her husband, Kroy Biermann.

"As you know I had a stroke in Sept 2015," she began. "And when Brielle called Kroy to tell him something wasn't 'right' with me I remember him yelling, 'Brielle get her in the car NOW and take her to the hospital fast every minute count!' It's TRUE! And I'm so thankful for everyone's quick thinking."

She continued, "I've never seen doctors/nurses move as fast as they did the second I was wheeled in. I'm so thankful for my medical team."

As for her current health, Kim said, "I have almost fully recovered (sometimes my tongue slips when I speak, and sometimes I have the word on the tip of my tongue but it just doesn't come out) but I feel great!! I had my stroke at 37!! It can happen to anyone at any age!! When in doubt please always check it out!!"

As you may recall, Kim had been competing on Dancing With the Stars when she suffered what she called a "mini stroke" and had to withdraw from the competition.

She sat down with E! News shortly after the scare, explaining that it stemmed from a blood clot that was able to travel to another side of her heart due to an open valve that never closed when she was born. The passage stopped oxygen to the right side of her brain, which inevitably caused the mini-stroke.

"My aunt also has the same exact thing with the exact same story at the exact same age which is crazy," Kim said of her heart malfunction.

She later had heart surgery and has been dedicated to recovering as well as informing others about the warning signs and the importance of listening to your body.

"It literally happened in a second and my whole life changed," she told us

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