Bachelor in Paradise's New Bartender Revealed to Be a Former Cast Member—and He's Speaking Out

Exclusive: Wells Adams, a cast member during the last season of Bachelor in Paradise, was brought in as the new bartender for the fourth season before production was abruptly shut down

By Tierney Bricker Jun 13, 2017 4:30 PMTags

Bachelor in Paradise was set to welcome back a familiar face.

Wells Adams, a cast member during the reality hit's third season last summer, was brought in as the new bartender, E! News can exclusive reveal.

Multiple sources tell us Wells, the Nashville radio DJ who became a fan-favorite during JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette, was set to replace Jorge Moreno, who was the beloved bartender during season two and three of the spinoff. 

And on Monday, following news of production being shut down on the fourth season due to allegations of "misconduct," Wells addressed the situation on Twitter, asking people "not to pass judgment" on the situation.

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"I've been getting a lot of  questions about my take on @bachelorinparadise and I can only speak for my own experiences…so here goes nothin'," he wrote. "Some of the greatest moments of my life happened in Paradise. Some of the greatest people I've gotten to spend time with(in front of and behind camera) happened in Paradise. One of the most beautiful and genuine love stories unfolded in front of my eyes in paradise. My heart breaks for those that don't share the same experiences. Please don't perceive this as insensitive or accusatory in any way. I'm only describing my journey there and I'd ask before you pass any judgment or say hurtful things to anybody about this, you remember there is a lot unknown and untold. Understand that my perception and experience is only mine to tell, but it's an honest one and one that I will cherish forever."

While Wells technically wasn't a contestant on Bachelor in Paradise this time around, one insider revealed he actually formed a connection with Amanda Stanton, who was also a cast member in season three, prior to production being shut down. 

A source told us an "emotional" sendoff was filmed for Jorge, with the bartender "retiring" from serving on the show after leaving Playa Escondida, the resort where the show is filmed, to start his own company, Nayarit Uncovered. Our source explained Wells arrived on set as the new bartender after the alleged incident that occurred between contestants DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios that caused a producer to file a misconduct claim took place.

So who was serving the drinks on the day of filming in question? A source close to production told us that Jorge did serve drinks until his departure, and noted cast members were free to serve themselves. Jorge declined to comment when contacted by E! News.

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On Sunday, a rep for Warner Bros. confirmed to E! News that production was shut down after allegations of "misconduct," with an internal investigation underway.

"We have become aware of allegations of misconduct on the set of Bachelor in Paradise in Mexico. We have suspended production and we are conducting a thorough investigation of these allegations. Once the investigation is complete, we will take appropriate responsive action."

Sources tell E! News the producer who filed the complaint, questioning whether Corinne was able to give consent for a sexual encounter with DeMario, was not present when the alleged incident occurred, and has not viewed the footage.

Host Chris Harrison broke his silence on Tuesday, releasing a statement through Good Morning America.

"The safety and care of the cast and crew of our show is of the utmost importance to us. It is with this thought in mind that we made the decision to suspend filming," Harrison said. "Out of respect to all involved, there's only so much I can and will say at this time. Normally with a situation like this I would not say anything until the incident is fully resolved, but with all the rumors and misinformation being put out there I don't find that to be possible anymore."

—reporting by Alli Rosenbloom