Here's How Kirsten Dunst Really Feels About All Those Spider-Man Reboots

Actress opens up about the franchise in Variety

By Kendall Fisher May 16, 2017 8:20 PMTags
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When we think of the Spider-Man movies, there's no doubt Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst's names come to mind.

However, things have certainly become a little more confusing lately with the constant reboots of the film, including The Amazing Spider-Man (which featured Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone) as well as the latest Spider-Man: Homecoming (featuring Tom Holland).

Dunst is honest in remaining ambivalent about them. In fact, she didn't even see the last installment. 

"I don't care," she said in the latest issue of Variety, which she covers beside director Sofia Coppola. "Everyone likes our Spider-Man. C'mon, am I right or what? Listen, I'd rather be in the first ones than the new ones."

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Dunst even wished her cast could have filmed more for the series.

"I wanted to be in that movie so badly," she dished. "I loved it, and I wish we could have made a fourth."

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Still, Dunst admitted she wasn't paid as much as her male co-stars.

"Because I was young, I thought, 'Oh wow, I'm getting paid a lot of money for the Spider-Man movies," she revealed. "But definitely the men were getting paid more. So yes, I experienced that."

Today, she's found herself in a different realm, working with her icon, Coppola, on the female-empowering film Beguiled

"She was always a good influence on me as a young woman," Dunst said of the director, recalling a compliment Coppola once gave her that she never forgot. "She said to me, 'I love your teeth; don't ever fix your teeth.' I remember doing a Spider-Man movie later and one of the producers was like, 'I need to take you to the dentist!' They even fixed my teeth on the poster. But I just knew I was never doing that."

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She continued, "Sofia is the chicest, coolest girl, and she thinks my teeth are great...She gave me confidence in little things that I wouldn't necessarily have had." 

Even when Coppola asked Dunst to lose weight for the role in Beguiled, she didn't argue when the actress pushed back. In fact, Coppola was understanding.

"It's so much harder when you're 35 and hate working out," Dunst said. "I'm eating fried chicken and McDonald's before work. So, I'm like, 'We have no options! I'm sorry I can't lose weight for this role.'"

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