"What do you think would've happened if you'd been there? Or your girlfriend?"

Kyle (Josh Henderson) is getting security advice on Sunday's episode of The Arrangement. After a stalker broke into his house, Kyle is stepping up his security and is encouraged to keep a gun in his home.

And after Megan (Christine Evangelista) shuts down the idea of having cameras inside the house, Kyle's new head of security Quinn (Laara Sadiq) suggests having a gun for protection. Quinn explains that the stalker disarmed his security system and didn't steal anything, which makes her think the stalker's "ultimate target" is Kyle.

"Look if you're not gonna install cameras, I think you should consider this," Quinn says as she shows Kyle the weapon. "I'm assuming you had weapons training for your movies?"

Josh Henderson, The Arrangement, The Arrangment 108


Kyle tells her "sure" but he's hesitant to have a gun in the house.

"A gun in the house, loaded with live ammo? I don't know," he tells Quinn.

"Gives you a fighting chance if this person somehow comes back," Quinn says. "You don't have enough protection without it, and I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't tell you that."

Watch The Arrangement clip above to see Kyle react when presented with the gun!

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