Secrets are coming to light.

Sunday night's episode of The Arrangement revealed way more about Megan Morrison's (Christine Evangelista) dark and mysterious past when she returned to her hometown in New York for her best friend's wedding. Even though Kyle West (Josh Henderson) decided to join her for the trip, it wasn't a happy occasion for Megan, who was consistently haunted by traumatic memories from her childhood throughout the trip.

After a major meltdown at the reception, Megan eventually revealed to Kyle that her older stepbrother Evan sexually assaulted her when she was 11. She then told him he passed away several years earlier after getting involved with the wrong crowd.

The Arrangement 107


In this week's exclusive Postnup recap video below, Christine explained why that moment was important for her character Megan's evolving relationship with Kyle.

"I think they're starting to become more comfortable and they're letting their boundaries down and I think that's part of the confession," she said. "She's obviously totally overwhelmed with going back home and everything's creeping back into her life right now and she just can't lie anymore. I don't know if she ever imagined telling him, especially now, but I think it's gotten to a point where she has to."

Meanwhile, Terence Anderson (Michael Vartan) decided to do some self-reflection after Kyle lashed out at him for setting up the sex deal with Detective Gaffey (Tracy Waterhouse). With the help of strong psychedelic mushrooms, he entered an alternate reality and realized he needed to take a huge step back and not interfere so heavily in the Kyle's life.

"Terence is our bad guy of the series, but I really wanted to make sure that we dimentionalized him and made him a human being and I think when he pimps Kyle out in the previous episode I loved the idea that it made him really look at himself," creator Jonathan Abrahams said. "Because it isn't easy for him to do and he's really looking at his choices and why he made them."

But in the midst of all that, it seemed Kyle had gotten a stalker because when he and Megan returned home, his house was completely destroyed by an intruder. Although nothing was stolen, the detectives warned them that this person—whoever he or she was—wanted to make a point that they could come and go at any time. Uh oh…

Check out the video above to get more inside scoop from the episode, including details on Christine's dog and his cute cameo!

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