Cheryl Burke Says She ''Broke the Curse'' Amid Abby Lee Miller's Dramatic Exit From Dance Moms

Professional dancer shared a cryptic post to Instagram on Saturday

By McKenna Aiello Apr 09, 2017 12:34 AMTags
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Cheryl Burke is looking forward to new beginnings. 

Now just over a week since Lifetime announced the Dancing With the Stars pro would join the cast of Dance Moms following Abby Lee Miller's turbulent resignation, Burke is hard at work to ensure any drama is left in the past. 

In a cryptic Instagram post shared Saturday, Cheryl wrote "Broke the curse #dancemoms" alongside a dramatic cast photo featuring Chloe LukasiakCamryn BridgesNia Sioux and Reagan Martin wearing black hooded ensembles.

Though the newest addition to the reality TV series could be referring to a piece of choreography, it didn't take long for fans to assume she's alluding to Miller's involvement with Dance Moms

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Miller addressed her shocking exit from the show during an exclusive sit-down interview with E! News' Catt Sadler, in which she recalled the tipping point that pushed her to leave Dance Moms for good. 

"[The drama] just got bigger and bigger and louder and louder, and I thought, ‘Oh, my god. This is destroying my livelihood, which is my studio business.' The TV show can end at any minute. They've been very clear telling me that in my contract," she shared. 

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 The reality TV star, who is currently awaiting sentencing in her bankruptcy fraud case, also didn't hold back when it came to addressing Burke as her replacement. 

"If she had to go what I go through every day, I would be flipping thrilled that somebody else in the entertainment industry who has the career that she has had on Dancing With the Stars... and then had to step down to this? Oh, honey," Abby Lee scoffed. 

She continued, "I think they will treat her differently. I think everybody will be on their toes. I think that Lifetime will pour a ton of money into advertising because they want to prove that I was nothing and I was nobody and they saved me."