Jennifer Lawrenceand Amy Schumerwere the Hollywood friends we didn't deserve. 

But, they were the Hollywood friends we needed. What could be better than taking two strong, funny, successful women and teaming them up to create one fabulous BFF pair?

The friendship seemingly came out of nowhere to fans. It was a total shock, but the most beautiful kind of shock. The day has practically become the stuff of legends now, and it all started, as it were, with the jet ski. 

Lawrence had joined Schumer and her hometown friends on an epic trip to the Hamptons, that included group floatie time and human pyramids, of all things. Amy and Jen were photographed riding said jet ski together, Amy posted that picture on Twitter, and all hell broke loose. 

Twitter, and the Internet at large, exploded. It was as if our collective mortal brains simply could not handle the merging of these two superstars. What followed is what we like to call the Summer of Jamy. Or J Schu. A Law? We're still undecided. 

After the flurry of press that the jet ski photo received, the two were officially out with their newly-solidified BFF status. Amy hit The Daily Show shortly after the trip, acknowledging that the two had become friends and that she was completely smitten with Jen. 

"She's the coolest chick you'll ever meet," she gushed. "She's beautiful."

Later that summer, Amy and Jen attended a Billy Joel concert together, somehow they ended up onstage, dancing on a piano to "Uptown Girl." We were all as thrilled as they were. Surely we were living in a dream—Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer can't actually be doing high kicks on Billy Joel's piano, right?

It was around this time that the twosome also announced they were writing a screenplay together—Lawrence, possibly inadvertently, dished to The New York Times about it. She explained that the friendship had officially started after Jen saw Trainwreck and was so smitten with the movie that she felt compelled to email Amy to tell her as much. The next thing she knew she was cruising around Long Island with the comedian and trading ideas about a buddy comedy. 

The flick was to center around two sisters, with Lawrence and Schumer acting in the starring roles, of course. They reportedly spent the better part of their days working on the screenplay, sending each other notes and plot ideas.

In October, J Schu watchers had reason to believe the actresses were consulting with none other than Chris Prattand Aziz Ansari, as the foursome was spotted hanging out and goofing off (and, we hoped, workshopping ideas) in Atlanta. 

The friends' first public debut was at the 2016 Golden Globes, otherwise known as the best Golden Globes in recent memory. Jen and Amy were seated at the same table and even presented an award together, giving the world the sneak peek of their movie it had been waiting for. 

But then: nothing. Silence. 

It has been over a year since that onstage bit, and still we wait for any official word on this screenplay. A quick glance at their upcoming schedules doesn't look promising, either: Lawrence is currently filming Red Sparrow, about a Russian spy, and also has a biopic about a war photographer and several other recently-announced roles. Schumer is deep into the press tour for Snatched at this point, and also has a war movie of her own due out this fall. 

On the friendship front, we haven't seen Jen and Amy together in months (and months...and months). They have both been conspicuously absent from each other's lives—there have been no dedicated Instagram posts, no tweets, no paparazzi photos of dinner dates. The trail has gone cold. 

It has been a year and a half since they dance atop the piano at Madison Square Garden, and we have yet to see them storm another stage. If we didn't know any better, we'd wonder if they were speaking at all. The people need answers, but more importantly, the people need them to be seen together again. 

The official reason for this cooling-off period is probably, drably, scheduling. Neither of them has exactly been sitting at home twiddling their thumbs; Lawrence has, in fact, barely been in the country at all (she spent the bulk of winter filming in Budapest). And they both have romantic relationships to pursue: Schumer with now-long-term boyfriend Ben Hanisch, and Lawrence with director Darron Aronofsky

They've probably been in touch, but without a minute to spare for public outings. Chances are likely that their friendship has been relegated to one made up text messages and FaceTime, but what a tragedy that is for the rest of us. In these troubled times, only the mutual adoration of A Schu and J Law can salve us. 

Maybe, just maybe, they'll share some of their text history to keep us happy. 

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