Inside Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton's Nasty Split: His Assistant Tells All

Former Bachelor in Paradise couple were forced to get the police involved

By Kendall Fisher Mar 29, 2017 8:26 PMTags
Amanda Stanton, Josh Murray Courtesy Hector Eduardo Gonzalez Hernandez

The days of strolling down the beach with sunshine and laughter are over for Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray.

The couple—who found love on the last season of Bachelor in Paradise—appeared to get back together following their January breakup, but E! News has learned they called it quits once again...and things apparently went very south.

Now, Murray's personal assistant Hayley Watts is dishing all the details about the dramatic breakup.

"On March 13, Josh had an appearance in Los Angeles for the [Bachelor] finale of Nick's season," she tells us. "Josh and Amanda got into a big argument that night, and she ended up taking his things from their shared apartment and putting them out in the hallway. I had to go retrieve them for Josh."

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A week later, Murray had asked Watts to talk to Stanton about getting his car back.

"I had been speaking with Amanda about getting the car back. Josh purchased the vehicle. It's all in his name, but he let her use it when they were together and had plans to be a family," Watts explained. "I told Amanda she had two options: she would have to get a lender for the remaining balance of the vehicle [if she wanted] to keep it, or she could give it back."

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However, Watts says Stanton refused both options. "She said the only way she'd give it back is if she was ordered by a judge."

Thus, Watts helped Murray seek legal advice, and they decided to call the police.

"An officer was with me when we went to the place that Josh and Amanda shared to get the vehicle," Watts recalled. "We got the keys back and removed all her personal items from the car."

When Watts and the officer went to return all of Stanton's possessions, things turned volatile. Watts says Stanton became verbally abusive in front of one of her daughters, who had come out with the reality star to retrieve her stuff.

"In front of her daughter, Amanda proceeded to call me 'Fatty' a number of times. Repeatedly," Watts claims. "She was body-shaming me in front of her daughter. It was really hurtful. She knows I have struggled with my weight."

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Watts says Stanton also accused her of stealing a pair of sunglasses and an iPad, which prompted the assistant to call the police once again.

"[The police] invited her to check the vehicle for her missing things, and she refused," Watts said, noting that Stanton eventually retracted her statements. 

Murray officially called things off and has moved back to Atlanta. "Josh was tired of this kind of drama," Watts told us. "Right now, they're done."

Stanton responded to E! News regarding Watts' comments and claims they are all lies

"It's all a lie! It's just really frustrating," she told us, exclusively. "He doesn't even have a personal assistant. I don't know why [she's calling herself that]. She's contacted all these people and I don't know why because he's in Italy, I'm in Fiji. We haven't even talked. I don't know why I woke up to all this. I thought things were fine."

She told us not only has he not lived with her since December, but that the only reason she put the stuff he left at her place outside the door was because Watts came by to pick it up very late at night and her two daughters were sleeping. 

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As for the car, Stanton tells us she had a car that her ex-husband bought her, but Murray was very "jealous" so he bought her a new one. After they split, he asked for the money back for the car, which she told him she didn't have. Thus, they came to the decision that they would work things out once they were both back in the country.

She admits the cops did show up at her house, which she feels was a "setup" Murray and Watts created "just so they could write an article about it."

Stanton told us, "He's the worst. Everybody warned me."

Finally, she completely denies ever calling Watts fat.

"Never, ever would I body shame anybody," she told us. "That just honestly makes me so upset to even read that. It's just sad that anyone can make up a lie."

InTouch magazine was the first to report on the story.