It has been 20 years, but the question "who killed JonBenét Ramsey?" remains unanswered.

But like any famous cold case, JonBenét's murder continues to haunt most who were involved: investigators, family members, experts and more. Now, a grand juror from the case is speaking to 20/20. (On the basis of anonymity, the show agreed to black out the juror's face and alter his voice). The juror thinks back on the time he and the rest of the grand jury visited the Ramsey family home and tells Amy Robach about what they felt.

"The basement where she was found was a very eerie feeling, like someone had been killed," he says in an interview that airs Friday. 

Jurors were told only to indict JonBenét's parents, John Ramsey and Patsy Ramsey, if they found enough evidence. When Robach asks whether he felt there was enough, he says, "Based upon the evidence that was presented, I believe that's correct."

That's not what happened, though. Although the grand jury voted to indict JonBenét's parents, the Boulder, Colorado, prosecutor disagreed and decided not to follow through with the jury's recommendation. Even if the prosecutor had decided to indict the parents, the juror tells Robach "no" when asked if either would have been convicted. He does, however, say he "highly suspects" he knows who murdered JonBenét. 

JonBenet Ramsey

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Cina Wong, the handwriting expert who examined the ransom note, still maintains that she believes JonBenét's mother wrote it. "You will see that just with the As the ransom note writer has four different variations of the letter A, and then Patsy Ramsey uses the same variation of the four different types of As," Wong tells 20/20.

Wong says she found more than 200 similarities between the ransom note writer's handwriting and Patsy's handwriting.

20/20 airs Friday, December 16 at 10:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

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