Ellen DeGeneres Bets Natalie Portman's Baby Will Be a Girl

At stake: $1,000, pizza and burritos

By Zach Johnson Dec 07, 2016 1:50 PMTags
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Some things never change.

It's been five years since Natalie Portman last appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and on Wednesday, she made a welcome return to the daytime talk show. "The last time you were here, you were pregnant," Ellen DeGeneres reminded the Jackie star. "Is this the same baby?"

"I've just been pregnant since then," Portman joked. "It's a long pregnancy."

Portman, who was on the show to promote her biopic (in theaters now), admitted her cross-country press tour has been a bit taxing. "It does make you look forward to the day when you can just have your own body on the red carpet," she joked of dressing her "huge" baby bump.

DeGeneres complimented her guest's Topshop Maternity dress. "It has a bow on it because it's a girl?" she asked. Portman laughed, admitting, "I have no idea. Last time you guessed, I think."

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"I did three tests on you," DeGeneres said, "and each one came back that it was a girl." Portman, who welcomed son Aleph Portman-Millepied in June 2011, joked that the host employed "very accurate, scientific methods" when she administered the tests five years ago.

Portman also revealed that she's experiencing different cravings with Baby No. 2. "With him it was crème puffs—any dessert with crème in it, or just plain whipped cream," she said. "This time it's healthy: pineapple, cucumbers, burritos—which is maybe less healthy, but delicious."

DeGeneres joked, "I think that means it's a girl!"

"Really?" Portman asked. "Why?"

"Because...'cause," DeGeneres said.

"Since you were so accurate last time," Portman said, "we'll take your word for it."

DeGeneres (who named Adam Levine's daughter) suggested Portman call her baby Ellen. "I really don't know the gender," Portman insisted, "even though we're referring to it [as a girl]."

"Want to make a bet?" DeGeneres asked. Portman was up for the challenge, telling the comedienne, "Well, it seems like it would be in my favor since last time you were so, so wrong."

DeGeneres wasn't worried that being wrong in 2010 would make her wrong in 2017. "I had a 50-50 shot and I committed to that," she said, "and now I'm committing to this." At stake? One thousand dollars—plus pizza and burritos. "Food-related bets, I will always take," Portman said.