Let's Take a Look Back at Travis Kelce's Relationships With His Top Four Catching Kelce Ladies

Relive the NFL star's whirlwind romances before tonight's big reveal!

By Gabi Duncan Nov 16, 2016 9:00 PMTags
Watch: Best Moments With Travis Kelce's Final Four Women

The journey has almost come to an end.

Before Travis Kelce officially chooses the woman of his dreams on tonight's two-hour season finale of Catching Kelce, let's take a look back at his whirlwind romances with the top four ladie, AveryMayaLauren and Veronica.

After all the group outings, VIP dates, private moments and eliminations, the competition that began with 50 is coming to an end as each remaining girl hopes to be last one standing at the NFL star's side.

"I'm here to find a partner, to find love, to find forever," Lauren explains. "Travis and I have a real connection. I'm so excited because I think we would be a perfect couple."

"Travis went from being just this image of this football player to something that's so real," Avery says.

Travis Kelce Likes Avery--But Has Reservations

"Travis is my dream guy, and to be so close to having a taste of perfection is something that I've always wanted," Maya gushes. "It's crazy."

"I could see us having a future together at this point," Veronica says. "In the end, I hope that my fairy tale does come true, and I just really want to be with him."

But with everyone's emotions running high, the pressure is all on Travis. "I have four incredible girls, the final four," he says. "And that's going to be the hardest decision of my life."

So, who will be the one?