Nikki & Brie Bella Have Explosive Argument Over Daniel Bryan on Total Bellas Season Finale: ''You Want Me to Divorce the Guy?!''

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Watch: Nikki Argues With Brie About Daniel Bryan

Wednesday's Total Bellas season finale was jam-packed with emotional moments!

From Nikki Bella and Brie Bella's explosive argument over Daniel Bryan to Kathy's and Johnny's wedding, this episode definitely brought on the waterworks.

Throughout the season, Nikki and Brie have been fighting over Brie's relationship with Bryan and it all came to a head on the season finale. When Nikki started to question Bryan's honesty, Brie stood up for her husband.

This tense fight then lead to a major argument in which Brie asked her sister, "What do you want me to do divorce the guy?!"

So what happened during the argument and did the sisters make up in time for their mom's wedding?

Take a look at the recap to find out and to see more shocking season finale moments!

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1. Kathy Learns She Has No Mass in Her Breast:

After looking at her scans with a doctor, Kathy is told that there's no mass in her breast. The lump that Kathy felt was actually just from her implant, which is what she initially thought.

"Thank you God my mom is OK," Nikki says. "And I just want to take this minute to say how grateful I am that she's OK because I know a lot of people go into a clinic like that and they don't get the news my mom got. It's beyond a relief."

Both Nikki and Kathy say it's "such great news" and Nikki tells her mom they can now pop champagne and celebrate her wedding.

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2. Brie Reveals Bryan Can't Come to Her Last WrestleMania Match:

Along with helping Bryan through this difficult time, Brie has been trying to train for WrestleMania. Before her mom's wedding, Brie has a training session to help get her ready for her final match. 

After the session, Nikki asks her sister about Bryan and Brie reveals that in addition to not attending Kathy's wedding, her husband won't be going to WrestleMania because doctors don't want him to.

"Bryan won't be there when I have my last match," Brie says. "It really, really crushes me inside that he won't be there because he's the one who coached me and really took me to a different level in wrestling and I owe all that to him. And it's just crazy that I won't walk through the curtain at the end of my match and have my husband standing there, proud."

"I just, I just really wish he could be there," Brie says.

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3. Nikki Doesn't Think Bryan Has Been "Honest" With Brie:

The night before Kathy and Johnny's wedding, all of their close family and friends gather in Florida to celebrate.

During the celebration, Brie and Nikki start talking about Bryan. Brie suggests that Nikki meet Bryan's doctor so he can "explain" what's happening to Bryan, because Brie doesn't think Nikki really understands what's going on with him.

Nikki explains that it's hard for her when she sees that Brie is being affected by what Bryan is going through, but Brie tells Nikki that she would do "anything in the world" for her husband.

"If you think because of something like this I should bounce is absolutely crazy," Brie says.

"I didn't say that," Nikki replies.

"I will always have his side and I will get through this with him whether it takes six months or five years," Brie tells Nikki.

Brie then tells her sister that she has to "understand" that she has "come to peace" with John Cena not wanting to have kids, to which Nikki replies that "at least John has been honest" from day one.

"And you don't think Bryan has?" Brie asks.

"No, I don't think he's been honest," Nikki says.

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4. Brie Tells Nikki Not to Ever "Bring Up Bryan" to Her Again:

On the day of Kathy and Johnny's wedding, Brie and Nikki try to make up, but end up getting in another argument about Bryan.

When Nikki asks Brie what Bryan's "up to" at home in Phoenix, Brie responds that she doesn't think Nikki really cares.

"OK are you really gonna start this again?" Nikki asks.

"I'm not gonna start anything," Brie replies.

Nikki asks why Brie would say she doesn't care and Brie tells her that from their previous conversation that's the way she "took it." Nikki then says that's a "silly" thing to say because she does care about Bryan, though she doesn't "agree" with all of his actions.

"I guess what you don't you realize, truly, what he's been through the past couple years," Brie tells Nikki.

"But it's always been about Bryan, Bryan's needs, Bryan's this, what Bryan wants," Nikki says. "It's never been about you, ever."

Brie then says, "What you want to do is tear my husband apart and what? Us to go skip away and you want me to say, I agree! And do what? Then what do you want to do?"

Brie continues, "What do you want me to do divorce the guy?! You will no longer, I don't want you to ever bring up Bryan again to me."

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5. Nikki & Brie Make Up:

Right before Kathy and Johnny tie the knot, Nikki and Brie have a talk.

"I'm so sick of fighting with you, especially about Bryan," Nikki tells Brie. "Because I love Bryan and I just feel...I just feel a lot of things about it. And I can't help it, like it's hard because I wanna sit here and like be so compassionate about the Bryan situation and I physically I can't do it. And I will be able to, but I just can't right now. It's hard you know when you're forced to do something?"

"I know, we're stubborn, it's what it is," Brie replies.

Nikki tells Brie that she doesn't want it to come off that she's being "hateful" towards Bryan because she loves him.

She continues, "It makes me sad, I just want you to be happy for the rest of your life, that's all I care about. And I want to have my Brie with me the rest of my life."

Brie tells her sister, "I just have to go through this hard spot to make the rest of my life good. Bryan's an amazing catch and that's why I'm willing to fight with him through all of this, because I see the light at the end of the tunnel."

Nikki explains she just gets protective over her sister and apologizes for everything that happened between them.

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6. Kathy & Johnny Get Married:

After making up, Nikki and Brie take their seats and get ready to watch their mom walk down the aisle.

"This is such a magical moment," Nikki says. "You just never want your parents to grow old alone and it gives me comfort because now she'll be taken care of for the rest of her life."


7. Brie Says Bryan Is in a "Very Good Place":

Three days after the wedding, Brie is back in Phoenix with Bryan and the couple meets with Dr. Jain, a naturopathic doctor who has been working with Bryan.

Brie says that her husband is in a "really good place" and he's getting the help he needs to keep improving and continue on the "right track."

During the meeting, Dr. Jain explains the IV treatments that Bryan has been doing and says that the treatment is meant to "activate the antioxidant systems" in the body.

Bryan tells the doctor that after his last session his headaches have "decreased" and his sleeping has been "really good."

"I've just seen just a huge difference in his healing and in his health," Brie tells the doctor.

So to feel great before WrestleMania, Brie decides to do the IV treatment with Bryan.

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8. Doctor Clears Nikki to Attend WrestleMania:

With WrestleMania coming up, Nikki meets with her doctor to see how her neck is doing and see if she can at least attend the major wrestling event.

While looking at Nikki's X-rays, Dr. Uribe says her neck looks "very good" and it's healing perfectly. And since Nikki's neck is on track, she no longer has to wear her neck brace in public.

The doctor then clears Nikki to attend WrestleMania, though she won't be able to participate.

After hearing the exciting news Nikki says she's "so excited."

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