Anna Kendrick and Ben Affleck Are Quizzing Each Other and Answering Your Questions on E! News Facebook Live

Stars appear in The Accountant

By Francesca Bacardi Oct 06, 2016 2:38 PMTags
Watch: Anna Kendrick & Ben Affleck Dish on "The Accountant"

Looking to learn more about Ben AffleckAnna Kendrick and their new movie The Accountant? Look no farther than E! News' Facebook page! 

The co-stars are live on E! News' Facebook answering all your questions and giving you the inside scoop on their upcoming action thriller. They also be quizzing each other on certain lingo; Kendrick will be testing Affleck on how well he knows and understands millennial lingo while Affleck will be quizzing Kendrick to see how knowledgable she is in Boston language. 

Make sure to watch to see two of Hollywood's A-listers battle it out—and learn even more about them and their movie!

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Affleck plays the titular character named Christian Wolff, but he isn't your average CPA. Instead, Affleck, a math savant, serves as the accountant for dangerous crime rings, using a small-town business as his cover. Kendrick, playing the role of Dana Cummings, accidentally discovers his identity and gets caught up in his illegal antics.

The Accountant hits theaters Oct. 20, 2016.