Lady Gaga

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After watching her incredible rendition of the National Anthem at the Super Bowl this year, everyone has been wanting to see more of Lady Gaga, and we just might get our wish!

Sources have informed E! News that Mother Monster is in talks to perform the always exciting halftime show during the big game in February 2017.

Although a rep for the singer said the NFL is "in talks with lots of folks," we can't help but daydream about seeing Gaga take on the performance. In fact, here are six things we hope to see if she does: 

Lady Gaga

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1. Crazy Costumes: Mother Monster is known for her wild choice of clothing, both on and off the stage. Thus, we can say without a doubt that her halftime show would definitely include some awesome costumes and likely a couple changes, too.

2. An Awesome Set: Just as Gaga goes hand-in-hand with cool costumes, we know her set would be just as awesome. We're envisioning pyrotechnics, artsy imagery and lots of colorful additions—from lights to backgrounds to backup dancers and more!

3. The Classics: While we'd totally love to hear her take on songs from her new album, we'd also love to see her perform a few classics, including: "Poker Face," "Bad Romance," "Born This Way" and "Telephone."

Lady Gaga

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4. Her Incredible Vocal Range: From the National Anthem to jazz to pop, we've seen Lady Gaga do it all, and we'd love to watch her show off that range of talent at the Super Bowl.

5. Special Guests: Speaking of her range, we'd be thrilled to see her incorporate that with several of the different mega-stars she's collaborated with in the past. Not only are we looking at Elton John and Tony Bennett, but we're also talking a little Beyoncé "Telephone" action! OK, so our hopes might be a little high considering Queen B took the stage last year, but hey! One can dream, right?

6. Something Controversial: It wouldn't be a Gaga performance if she didn't do something to raise some eyebrows—be it through showing a little extra skin, adding a wacky twist, making a political statement and so on and so forth. We love Mother Monster for having no fear over just being herself and doing whatever she wants on-stage!

Super Bowl LI will be held Feb. 5, 2017, at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.

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