Who Hasn't Calvin Harris Dated This Summer: Clearing Up All the Rumors as Jennifer Lopez Joins the Mix

National Enquirer has Harris seeing J.Lo on the down-low

By Natalie Finn Sep 15, 2016 8:48 PMTags

Calvin Harris has been quite busy since breaking up with Taylor Swift.

In fact, who knows how the man finds time to eat, sleep and work, he's been romancing so many different ladies over the summer, according to the rumor mill.

After being in a relationship for 15 months, it's certainly understandable if a guy (or his ex) doesn't want to get serious again right away—or date in an official "we're dating" capacity. Or even go on dates, per se. Perhaps a fellow just wants to stay occupied while he slowly but steadily extricates himself from "Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriend" status.

And Harris certainly has been occupied. He's been all over the world doing shows, he's been in the studio, he's been partying, there have probably been lots of leg days at the gym and, yes, he's been having some fun with the ladies.

Emphasis on the plural. And the rumor pyramid hit a new high yesterday, with the National Enquirer linking him to none other than Jennifer Lopez. (It's really only a matter of time before someone claims he and Swift have been, like, "talking again" or something.)

But what do you get when you take many, many headlines and add a dose of reality? Is Harris really dating J.Lo on the DL? 

Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris: Romance Rewind
Getty Images; E! Illustration

But let's start at the beginning.

Harris and Swift broke up in June or possibly a little earlier, a source telling E! News that the DJ-writer-producer was the one who ended it.

Prior to the "This Is What You Came For" songwriting reveal/Twitter-rant hullabaloo, Harris had been vacationing in Cabo San Lucas—with a co-ed group, but oft-surrounded by ladies in his social media pics. 

Then during a stint in London during the first half of July, he was spotted leaving hot spot Tape with Nicole Scherzinger, prompting immediate rumors that they might be hooking up. That was, in fact, not the case. A source assured E! News that they were just "casual friends," they were neither "hooking up or hanging out" and Harris wasn't "rebounding with anyone."

Er, not to mention, Scherzinger has a boyfriend, tennis player Grigor Dimitrov—she had him then and she still has him now.

Celeb PDA: Gettin' Grabby!

Then toward the end of July, he was enjoying a night out at Warwick in Hollywood and capped off his evening at the club by—OMG—making out with model ex-flame Aarika Wolfe. There was no word at the time on whether they left together, but she had arrived separately after he had already been there for awhile making the rounds.

Also around then and into August, Harris was spending time with Tinashe, going to dinner and looking fairly romantic. In this case, there was actually some fire to go along with the smoke, but still, no big relationship news.

Tinashe, who collaborated with Harris on his 2014 tune "Dollar Signs," told E! News, "I mean, I'm still definitely single, so that's all that we're at right now." A source had told us a couple weeks prior, "She is a hot girl and a good distraction from all the past drama Adam [Calvin's real name being Adam Wiles] had this month... They have always kept in touch, but recently more since his breakup with Taylor." 

Still single, Harris seemed to double-down on work and red carpets in August, accepting the Future Icon award at Caesar's Palace's 50th anniversary bash in Vegas—and coming face to face with guest host Howie Mandel and a question about who his tailor is. "You got that prepared, you had that one ready," Harris smiled.

The Scottish artist then was an honoree at the GQ Men of the Year Awards in London on Sept. 6—and right around that time, he was spotted keeping company with actress Eiza González, who first turned our heads a couple years ago when she was photographed mid-makeout with Liam Hemsworth.

Bello / Splash News

"I want to keep my personal life private," González told Variety Latino earlier this month, cutting dating questions off at the pass. "I once heard Kevin Spacey [her Baby Driver co-star] say something that really resonated with me. He said, 'If people know too much about me, then when they see the characters I play, they'll only see Kevin. I want them to see the characters I'm bringing to life.'"

About their date night at a private party in Hollywood, an eyewitness told us "it was obvious they were totally into each other." But once again, such was the body language Harris has been wont to deploy this past summer. He's always enjoying himself, his dates appear to be enjoying themselves too, and he's taking it one day at a time.

"Adam is living the single life now," an insider said, just last week. "He is not in any exclusive relationship at the moment. Adam is entertaining a few different women and having fun! He is not taking anything too seriously."

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for GQ

And then just days later, fan sites blew up with a sighting of Harris and Wolf together again at Drake's celeb-packed show at L.A.'s Staples Center. Harris and Wolf originally dated for about seven months, breaking up not long before he started dating Swift in March 2015.

A source didn't think they were back together, reiterating to us, "He's been having fun. They may have hooked up," but that would've been it.

Moreover, another source says that Harris has dated a few different women, but is not looking for a relationship. He's just been having fun with friends, and "is in a much better place" since his big breakup.

But is it all a ruse because Harris is actually dating...Jennifer Lopez?!

Calvin Harris / Snapchat

Yeah, no. He's still single and his circle hasn't gotten wind of this one.

He was at Lopez's 47th birthday party on July 22 in Las Vegas—along with Kim Kardashian, Iggy Azalea, Cristiano Ronaldo, French Montana and J.Lo's off-and-on boyfriend Casper Smart, who was on at the time but has been off since mid-August.

Now, Harris and Lopez have yet to collaborate in the studio, so that could be a topic of conversation if they're actually hanging out. But as a source pointed out to the Enquirer, they're "very careful to not be seen together." 

Sort of like people who aren't dating.