Nearly a year to the day her teenage daughter was found after fleeing home, Rosie O'Donnell and Chelsea O'Donnell have come out on the other side—together. 

The formerly estranged mother and daughter faced personal strife last summer when the then 17-year-old was reported missing from the television personality's New York home. "Chelsea stopped taking her medicine and is in need of medical attention," a post read on Rosie's website at the time. "Any information please contact authorities."

However, police later found Chelsea in New Jersey at the house of a 26-year-old man with an arrest record, including charges of heroin possession. However, no arrests were made as Chelsea had been there voluntarily and no drugs were found. 

Their relationship was further strained when Chelsea turned 18 years old a week later and opted to move in with her birth motherDeanna Micoley, who gave Chelsea up for adoption as a baby in 1997. "Chelsea made a decision when she turned 18 that she wanted to go to her birth mother," Rosie's publicist tells E! News. "This was her choice."

Rosie O'Donnell, Chelsea O'Donnell


By October, Chelsea made a public please to be disconnected from any of her mother's publicity. "I don't want to come off rude, that is not my intention. However, I have asked not to be brought into any Rosie drama and that I don't want to hear anything about her. I would appreciate it if anyone who is tagging me or asking me questions about her would please stop. Thank you."

A month later, Rosie arrived on the red carpet surrounded by her brood—except for Chelsea. "Yes, all of my kids except Chelsea [are here]," O'Donnell told Us Weekly. "Which is sad, but hopefully, there will come a day when she'll want to come." That day eventually did come in June when they reunited at a charity event thrown by Fran Drescher

It seems things have been going much more smoothly for Rosie and Chelsea since, posing for a selfie Thursday night on Instagram to commemorate their renewed relationship.

"chelsea and me - what a difference a year makes," she captioned the shot. "#hopelives."

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