Tyrese Responds to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Fast 8 Rant: "We Have Never Had a Problem"

Fast and Furious co-star addresses Facebook post

By Francesca Bacardi Aug 10, 2016 12:55 PMTags

There's no definitive answer yet as to whom Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was referring to in his "chicken s--t" Facebook rant, but Fast and Furious co-star Tyrese Gibson decided to respond and take himself out of the running.

In a now-deleted post on Instagram, Tyrese shared a video of an ever-cheery The Rock singing happy birthday to Tyrese's daughter. The caption, however, is where Tyrese let his thoughts on his co-star's rant air out. "...why are you guys so impressionable? A man wouldn't be singing from his heart and soul to another mans little angel if he had a problem with her dad," Tyrese began.

"Does any of us know why bro decided to jump out there with his post? No...Would one assume that IF he's going to jump out there and generalize and say 'Male Co-Stars' he would be more clear and call out names??? Of course he should of—Let me calm you guys all the way down...I don't know WHO he has a problem and I don't have any details of WHAT those problems are—as a matter of fact if I DID know I would tell you s--t!!!!"

The emotional post addressed former co-star Paul Walker, for whom all of the actors have said they're continuing the franchise. At the end of the day, Tyrese is back on set with his Fast family for Walker, who died tragically in a car accident.

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"I will humbly say this I'm personally not doing this for anyone but my brother Paul Walker—this franchise is not about and has never been about anyone of us individually it's about the #FASTFAMILY—the TRIBE...I love this franchise and ALL of the hard working past and present crews that have contributed to one of the biggest Multi Ethnic franchise films in the history of cinema..."

Despite The Rock's seemingly out-of-nowhere digital rant, Tyrese still feels nothing but respect for the former WWE star. "I think Dewayne aka DJ happens to be one of the most humble, down to earth and professional people I've ever worked with and more importantly he's my brother we have NEVER had a problem and will never have a problem...WE are good over here....As a cast we're ALL married dammit!!!"

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So count Tyrese out as a possible subject of the Rock's rant, but why did he flip out at all? The Rock's reputation has been nothing but bright, professional, kind and more, so what led him to finally crack? A source told E! News exclusively that things on set "didn't feel exactly the same."

And while Johnson "is the best guy on the planet to work with," he's "also a very emotional guy" and "likes things to go as he sees fit [while] also being fair." Johnson's Facebook post mentioned there are scenes in the film "where it seems like I'm not acting....and my blood is legit boiling," and according to our insider that couldn't be more true. The Rock really did "get heated with some other guys on set," the source told E! News.

"Some of the guys did some small things that pissed him off, so he snapped. He called them out and then they were [too] silent to man up and say what they wanted to say."

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