Puberty is hard enough—but imagine going through it when you're an adult.

In The Late Bloomer, the upcoming movie adaptation of E! News' Ken Baker's book The Late Bloomer: A Memoir of My Body, Johnny Simmons stars as a young man who finally experiences puberty (pimples, overzealous hormones and more!) after the removal of a benign tumor that was discovered resting against his pituitary gland.

And only E! News has the exclusive first look at the film's debut trailer. Friends initially assume Simmons is gay because of his apparent lack of interest in the opposite sex. But everyone—including his parents—celebrate once he finally gets hit with the most awkward moments of puberty after his surgery.

The Late Bloomer, Brittany Snow, Johnny Simmons

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"You gotta help me," Simmons tells his doctor. "I'm horny. I'm moody. And I think I'm going nuts."

Let the teen angst begin. Simmons not only suffers from a bad case of acne, but his voice starts cracking. And then there are his frequent, and inconveniently timed, erections.

Brittany Snow co-stars as Simmons' love interest. Rounding out the cast are Oscar winner J.K. Simmons as his dad and Maria Bello as mom. Directed by Kevin Pollak, The Late Bloomer hits theaters and VOD on Oct. 7.


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