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Constance Wu is fighting back against Hollywood's diversity issue. 

In response to The Great Wall, an upcoming Matt Damon-starring film that follows the actor as a warrior traversing the historic Chinese fortification, the Fresh Off the Boat actress penned an emotional statement on Twitter regarding her discontent over character stereotypes. 

"We have to stop perpetuating the racist myth that a only white man can save the world," Wu wrote, adding, "It's not based on actual fact. Our heroes don't look like Matt Damon. They look like Malala. Ghandi. Mandela. Your big sister when she stood up for you to those bullies that one time." 

The 33-year-old goes on to point fingers not at the financial institutions funding the film, but rather a deep-rooted problem pining those of different races against each other. 

"Money is the lamest excuse in the history of being human. So is blaming the Chinese investors," she continued. "Remember it's not about blaming individuals... it's about pointing out the repeatedly implied racist notion that white people are superior to POC and that POC need salvation from our own color via white strength."

Constance added, "We don't need salvation. We like our color and our culture and our own strengths and our own stories ... we don't need you to save us from anything."

In the aftermath of her lengthy criticism, Wu followed up with a clarification, nothing that she only hoped to bring "awareness" to Damon's casting. 

"Not blaming Damon, the studio, the Chinese financiers. It's not about blame, It's about AWARENESS," Constance wrote

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