This Is What Sweet Valley High Twins Brittany and Cynthia Daniel Look Like 18 Years After the Show

Jessica and Liz Wakefield are all grown up and closer than ever

By Mike Vulpo Jul 25, 2016 11:40 PMTags
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The Wakefield twins just never go out of style.

It's hard to believe that it was 1998 when Sweet Valley High bid farewell to the small screen. But close to 20 years after the television series went off the air, some may want to know how the biggest stars of the show are doing today.

Lo and behold, Brittany Daniel and her twin sister Cynthia Daniel are all grown up and closer than ever.

We discovered the twins' Instagram and feeling of nostalgia immediately swept over us. Whether vacationing together in Italy or enjoying nights out in Malibu, the sisters continue to spend plenty of time together.

And if you couldn't tell at first glance, they look exactly the same from their high school days.

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For those who don't recall, Sweet Valley High was based on Francine Pascal's novels. Each episode chronicled the lives of two beautiful blonde twins and their gang of friends.

While Elizabeth's character is warm, friendly and sincere, her twin sister was seen as mischievous, flirty and dare we say irresponsible.

In real life, though, both actresses have grown up into successful ladies. Cynthia has turned into a photographer and is married to Good Will Hunting star Cole Hauser since December 2006. They have three children together.

As for Brittany, she went on to appear in Dawson's Creek, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and White Chicks.

"Nothing is better when another person really knows you on a soul level," the pair recently wrote on Instagram. "#sisterhood #twins."                           

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